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    With rising gas price nonsense and flu epidemics on top of all the other end times stuff going on, what better a time to ignore it all and give praise to God by throwing your first Christian House Party! The details are going to get a little intense as this thread goes on, but remember, the anticipation over whether or not many people will show at your party is a chance to grow closer to God! Believe me, after all the food is prepared and the DJ setup tweaked and you are awaiting the party goers to show, you may freak a little. Not as in Jesus freak, lol. So let’s get down to the brass tacks of this thing huh?

    BASEMENTS ARE IDEAL FOR PARTIES. You can bolt subwoofer enclosers to the walls and increase bass response this way and it is cheap and space saving. also the sound doesn’t carry as far so noise complaint police contact is lower.

    A few things that work for my house parties:

    If there is carpet that is nice, it gets plastic wrap ( home depot has it for $40 covers the whole floor nice)

    Have killer ventilation using a dayton blower or else smoking is to be outside in an area where noise is not an issue and groups don’t form.

    Creating some sort of small dancefloor out of hardwood or tile is also a great idea. If not, painting cool designs with epoxy is cheap and easy. Anything but carpet pleazzzzze!

    If you are allowing all ages be sure to segregate the under agers firmly from alcohol using wrist bands or better yet, not allowed in drinking area. Or even better just don’t serve alcohol!

    I have the heart for the younger crowd and try to stay flexible. I’d almost go as far as to demand to See ID from them to avoid harboring runaways for the night

    Or just be a dufus like everyone else and say I don’t like to give back to the younger crowd and don’t let them in.

    I focus mostly on setting up as best of a PA as possible. I’m not a DJ so getting the sound set up and a solid table for
    the DJ who will inevitably show up to your awesome chill spot is crucial if you don’t have decks yourself.

    Get creative with the home stereo and laptop if you have to. Check Ebay and craigslist for cheap deals on cdjs and mixers before Christmas so mom and dad no what to get.

    Use Duct tape down on the floor if you have cords all over the place so curious people don’t fall on their face.

    Now about crowd selection. We all know about raging house parties with tons of people. But who are the people?

    Are they a bunch of high kids coming in and out to see a jaded dealer who has put your whole spot at risk by posting up on your couch and working his cell phone?

    I never throw people out of my parties just because they are high, that would be intolerant and actually put the rest of the community at risk,

    but cheesy drug dealing just to draw a crowd and have it feel like a party isn’t worth it, take it from my early mistakes back in the day and throw those bums right out.

    Lighting is also crucial: there should be one area that has decent light for meet ups and and phone calls to cabs etc…

    The rest of the place should be dimmer controlled and the light LOW. A cheap dimmer or even christmas lights if nothing else works great.

    VHO black light tubes and ballast you are looking at about $100 and on up, but it’s well worth it and my ragged
    addidas jumpsuit stripes and neon shirt won’t look the same without it.

    We all know a DJ or two who can throw down some good beatz and will let us suck down some beers and what not at his apartment,

    but my goodness man, you own a BASEMENT! Turn that into ” THE DOWN LOW PAD” It will be off the hook

    and many will come to scoff, but most will remain to PLAY.

    Keep it underground. Don’t list the party online unless as invite only and screen hard. Don’t be afraid

    to throw shady tweakers out that are casing your place for a break in after or during the party, it sucks not

    to be liked by all but YOU are the one looking out for the longevity of the spot and keeping your crowd safe.

    Last but most important, you staying mostly ( Better if all sober) sober and on point for the benefit of the party is crucial.

    Have a cut off time. I like to say the party will start informally at 9 PM. Then Usher people out at a certain time and keep firm to it.

    Little do they know they are just bodies as stand ins to make the party not seem like no one is there. But my ignore button is so good in my head that

    One last thing. Clean out of the bathroom for the ladies. That means scrubbing the toilet the night of the party and keeping

    toilet paper in there.

    As people dance their hearts out and think they are falling in love with each other, use this unique opportunity to witness to them the ultimate authority of love that comes from noone else, but Christ Jesus himself!!!

    Hope all this helps, Ptownboy and the HOUSE PARTY REVOLUTION

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    I just read this post I made after having an awesome night out passing out Future Sounds of Worship III flyers with DJ Rodimus and Becky. My life really changed for the better after devoting my music life to Christian Techno instead of my original mainstream choices. This website served as the portal to keeping me away from serving the wrong master with my God given musical talents and passion. I just had a taste of what doing God’s work in my social life feels like. It feels awesome. Dancing with other people feels great, but dancing to Gospel House music with fellow God’s DJs and witnessing about Christ to others is something I want you to have in your life as well. I meandered in the mainstream club scene for nothing. Now I am God’s team living for a purpose! I am having so much fun and connection helping promote FSOW. Be a pioneer in your community and promote Christian Dance Music!!! You will never stop once you begin it is so great, I promise you. Bear with my ADD for a minute and let’s get back to your house party you are about to throw.
    So you first get together with some other fellow Christian buddies ( Iron sharpens Iron) and you get some help to throw your house party. “Plan it and He will come!” Tell everyone you know you are doing it. Convert them from rock and roll or pop music if you have to.
    Download some you tube videos on some dance steps if you have to.
    Make Kandi bracelets that say “What would Jesus do and pass them out at the party.”
    Get people to RSVP and work the phone hard.
    Next thing you know you have a raging dance party at your house that is a chance to praise God and you all become better friends ( and dancers).
    You also learn about P.L.U.R. the ultimate Christian way, we’ll get into that later.
    I’m gonna use pictures soon to illustrate the Christian house party revolution.
    That’s it for now and may God bless you as he has me with Christian EDM fever.

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