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    Dj Taste 1

    We are excited about 10 years of ministry in the Reading Pennsylvania region and beyond. I invite you to come join us on Friday April 9th 2010 for a time of worship celebration. The night will unfold something like this with our guest Dj schedule..
    Dj Dee Flash[/color] starting off the night followed by
    The Pointmen ( http://www.myspace.com/Thepointmen )
    Then Dj Sam Britten ( Radio Host Dj at WJTL.com, Spingospel.com )
    also Dj Adam Vegas from Toronto Canada ( Spirituallminded.com )
    Dj Frankie Vibe
    and closing the night off will be Dj Andy Hunter from the UK…
    I hope you can make it out on this night.. we will kick the night off at
    8pm and end sometime around 1 or 2 am.. peace ..



    sounds good man, thanks for posting.

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    dang, wish I could come up there. see Deeflash, Frankie and Andy Hunter. can’t afford travel and have a video project for that week.

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    Frankie Vibe

    Here is the flyer!!

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    wow nice line up, its going to be a great nigth.

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    Friday, April 9, 2010 at 7:00pm
    Club Worship
    134 North 5th street
    Reading, PA

    Facebook event link

    A new wave worship experience to capture and intrigue your senses to the taste of the goodness of God. with a full venue of talented, anointed Djs and rap Artist’s, you will enter the party with one view and understanding of what you thought about worshiping Jesus, and leave with your preconceived ideas of the boxed up God you know from religious views and deceptive mindsets ( I know i have some that need to be changed), to exit the night with a fresh passion to know God to the FULLEST.. so dont miss out.. whether you are pursuing God or could care less if you ever hear the name God or Jesus again.. this event party is for you.. get in the mix and and go crazy for once in a good way..

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    Gonna be there! Can’t wait.



    Hey sweet me too. woohoo. well. God willing

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    @ecliptik wrote:

    youtube videos!

    Ask, and you shall receive: http://www.youtube.com/jcbakerglm

    They keep things really dark, so you don’t see much. But you can listen and watch some flashing lights. :lol:

    Adam and Andy were incredible!

    I spammed my church’s FB group looking for anyone to come along. Actually found two guys. One was a former club DJ. (That was a heck of a surprise to find around here!) I found out he came with low expectations, but Adam and Andy impressed him too. He also was surprised at the quality of the Club Worship sound system.

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    DJ 9

    So after about 5 or 6 years of NOT going to any christian events i went to the show on Saturday. IT was super cool seeing the “old gang” again. I didnt realize how much i missed you guys . I only got to see Andy and Frankie on the decks. But that is cool because they were the main reasons i went anyway.

    The show was awesome. Glad i went.

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    Frankie Vibe

    I have to agree with ya DJ9, it was a East Coast reunion. Rapture Man, DJ Infra-Red, Christine B, DJ RocRoc (he is originally from San Fran and now lives in PA) were all in the house and we had a great time at Club Worship. Here is a video of some of my set and it is very dark but I think you’ll enjoy the beats.



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    Nice :)

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