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    Hey guys,

    I was at a presentation the other night put on by Novation to showcase their new Twitch controller and it’s integration with Serato Itch, as well as how they’d mapped it for Traktor and Ableton. The Novation Itch itself was pretty cool. Lots of useful inbuilt effects (filter, flanger, delay, etc.) and 3 effects engine giving the ability to combine effects. Also, it has a really good Cue Point and Looping system.

    But, it got me thinking. How many people are using controllers now? We hear talk about how people are losing skill because of their reliance on software packages. But, having played with Serato Itch and the Novation Twitch, I’d say there’s just as much skill needed. Just maybe slightly different skills.

    Anyway, just wanted to see what people were using so maybe post up your DJ setup. Thanks!

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    So, to kick things off, this is what I currently use:

    Citronic PD2 Direct Drive Turntables
    Numark PPD-01 Digital Scratch Mixer (with inbuilt Filter, Flange assigned to the Crossfader)
    Serato Scratch Live
    Novation Dicers

    One of my turntables is playing up at the moment, though, so finding the one deck mixing on Serato very useful! :)



    I dont know how to classically beatmatch
    all I ever knew was the ‘sync’ button

    so i put a lot of effort into
    knowing my tracks
    knowing and becoming familiar all kinds of music
    from all cultures

    I have a numark omnicontrol.
    I haven’t been able to afford the equipment that would require me to learn beatmatching by ear.
    300 for the software
    300 for the controller
    1000 for the macbook

    turntables look so cool though
    they feel so real
    so big
    more control
    more skill is definietely required I believe

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    @diepsloot wrote:

    so i put a lot of effort into
    knowing my tracks
    knowing and becoming familiar all kinds of music
    from all cultures

    Good Dj’s know that along with beat matching. I still say its a skill to learn, if you’re not going to match tracks in middle of a mix, then learn it for doing your beat grids, looping and timing. Even for times you might not use a computer or for emergencies.

    As far as setups, it’s preference. Also your budget dictates what you can go with. Since I already have vinyl turntables and a mixer and a laptop, also had been tinkering with FInal Scratch years ago, I went with Traktor. My setup now consists of mentioned TT’s and mixer, laptop and then Traktor Scratch software, Audio DJ 8, Kontrol X1 and control vinyl.

    If you have been using CD’s lot or have lot of them, CDJ style players maybe the way to go. If you don’t want to use software, they’re a good alternative as well.

    If you got a laptop and not much money and could care less for turntables, then software and a controller may be the way to go.

    Just depends on what you want in the long run, what you have used (if any) and your budget.

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    DJ X-O-Duz

    At home I use a mixture to be fair, I run a DVS (Traktor Scratch) setup with a set of old Numark TT’s, but I’ve also got a controller setup for launching sample decks, or when I feel the need a second pair of decks.

    Started mixing when I was a little crazy lunatic at about 12 so always been able to beat match since then, and it is a pretty major skill to have, Sync wont always get it right, especially when you start mixing tracks with pretty irratic beats (Oldschool, etc… plus I like to drop random stuff in sometimes, like abit of beethoven mid set instead of a breakdown which sync really dont like haha)

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