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    this is like the 10th email like this that I’ve gotten over the last month… :o

    “Do you do graduation parties? How much? What kinds of music will you spin? I’m located near Detroit. Thanks. Robert. “


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    science drop

    HAHAHAHA! Thats great. I actually will do weddings. :shock:



    lol you know i would do a private party if it was someone who i knew liked EDM… the point is that this guy didnt even bother to look at the site or anything about us…he assumed that info@godsdjs.com was just some djs personal email …… bah…

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    well, hey, tell them who they are emailing and what the site is about. Tell what genres you spin and hey, might get a gig and make a little cash.


    HEY! yeah! look into it! More and more people are open to our kind of sound these days!

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    yea that iritates me too i hate getting calls and emails like that… i did a wedding once… and never again will do it it was horrid… talk about being a human jukebox… ugh… wheres the skill in that?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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