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    i head about this on the news today. this is pretty crazy…all we can do is pray for her. i totally believe this girl…i really hope the judge does a in depth investigation before sending her home. if she went home and her father killed her there would be a national outrage and maybe riots and possibly all kinds of violence against muslims and that would be a crisis that no one needs.

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    Its sad that we will boot our soldiers overseas to prevent the murderous religious governments overseas but we won’t protect people in our own country if there is a death threat against them for converting to Christianity. I’m also shocked at the comments by the woman on the left. She was extremely blasphemous. At times I was wondering if she was just acting so there would be “two” sides to the argument or if that was just the spirit behind her. It seems from the girls comments that her conversion was real. May the Lord get the glory in this situation.

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    and still some say Islam is a peaceful religion. It was bred out of violence back in history.

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