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    by Patricia King

    A. Prophetic Insight

    The world’s economic and political systems are under severe tensions at this time, but we are called to live in the fullness of covenant blessings by faith. We, His people, are ready to go to new levels of breakthrough, empowerment and supernatural provision in every area of our lives. The Lord is calling us to make His eternal Kingdom realities our present internal realities in the midst of this treacherous time. We are being called into new realms of manifested Kingdom life. It is going to awesome!!! Expect great things.

    B. Devotional Teaching

    In the beginning, God created man in His own image and likeness, and He blessed them (see Genesis 1:26–29). We were created for blessing and, as a result, we have expectation for it. Through Christ’s finished work on the cross, the effects of sin have been removed so that we can once again live in the fullness of all the blessings of God. We, like Abraham, are called to be blessed and to be a blessing.

    We have been blessed “with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3). We are called to live in the blessings of God’s exceeding great and precious promises. We have already been granted everything that pertains to life and to godliness (see 2 Peter 1:2–4).

    We do not live by mammon

    Believers in Christ do not live by mammon (or money). We live by blessings. We live in our inheritance. We were never called to live by mammon but by every word (promise) that proceeds from the mouth of God. When we posture ourselves to live by every promise, then money will follow us. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).

    Called to live in the blessing zone

    While in prayer a number of years ago, the Lord showed me that we, His children, have been called to live in a blessing zone – an environment of blessings. He instructed me to only receive blessings. If a circumstance came into my life that didn’t appear to be a blessing, I was to command it to turn into a blessing. Even the worst of circumstances were eventually to be turned into that which would bless me.

    We are all called to live in the blessing zone. Jesus made the way.

    Consider Job

    When I think of the blessings of God, I am reminded of Job. Job 29 describes the blessings that he walked in. He was the most blessed man on the face of the earth. God’s lamp shone over his head; his steps were bathed in butter; the rock poured out streams of oil for him; he broke the jaws of the wicked; his root spread out to the waters; his glory was ever new within him, and he sat as chief among the people (see Job 29:1–25). When Job was assaulted with adverse circumstances, he kept his focus on God and did not turn from Him. He kept the faith. As a result, when the trial was over, Job was more blessed than ever before.

    This is how we are to live in these days. Lock in to the promises of God by faith, and do not waver. Trust the Lord in these times, no matter what your circumstances look like. Choose to live in the blessing zone!


    Child, do not fear! You are called to live in the inheritance that I have prepared for you in My Son. You are called to live in the blessings of your inheritance now, for you have truly been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. I have freely given you all things. I have chosen gladly to give you the Kingdom. Live in the reality of My Kingdom.

    Know that you are blessed. Blessings shall come upon you and overtake you. Blessings will look for you and find you if you only believe. Do not fear the shakings in the world around you for, though you live in the world, you are not of the world. You belong to My heavenly Kingdom and you live under My rule and by My economy!

    Expect blessings each and every day and you will attract blessings. Call forth My blessings and they will come to you. My goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life as you trust in me. Do not look to the right or to the left. Live in the blessing of My faithful promises, for I have withheld nothing from you.

    You are blessed when you come in and you are blessed when you go out. You are blessed in your home and blessed in your workplace. You are blessed when you shop and you are blessed in every place you go. You are blessed when you pay your bills and when you make bank deposits. You are blessed in relationships and you are blessed in health and strength. You are blessed with wisdom, insight, and knowledge of witty inventions. You are blessed in all that you put your hands to do. Everything pertaining to your life is blessed.

    When you see circumstances that do not look like a blessing, command them to turn into a blessing. Do not lose sight of this. Endure in the truth and even what looks like devastation to you will turn into a testimony of blessing. I am good. You are created to know My goodness. Explore My goodness.

    I have called you to be extremely blessed. I have called you to be an extreme blessing in these extreme times. Live in the blessing zone!

    C. Weekly Scripture Meditation

    Week ONE – Ephesians 1,2

    Week TWO – 2 Peter 1

    Week THREE – Matthew 6

    Week FOUR – Deuteronomy 28:1-13

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