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    does anyone here have any expierence with DMX controllers or intelligent lighting?

    im thinking about investing in a some gear…

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    i do a littlebit… i used to control my lights with the copilot 2. its nothing fancy like inteligent lighting, but it would control up to 8 effects and had some pretty neat features for only 200$ it might even be cheaper nowadays. but if your looking at getting some more high end lasers and intelligent lights than im not your guy.

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    I’ve used a little bit of dmx at the first baptist that I’ve interned at. They have a control surface and a bunch of spot lights and lights on the stage. Someone programs in the lighting cues and then during a show someone cues the lighting events in real time. I know this stuff is really, really expensive, like more expensive than audio equipment. I’ve also done some research for that DJ paper that I did. You can find some DMX stuff at fullcompass.com



    cool, i think im just gonna go down to guitar center and pickup a couple of scanners, a laser, a cheap foger, and a control board and play (-:

    ive got at least 2 events coming up in the next few months and i thought it would be cool to have some real lighting gear there.

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    what ya wanna know? I’ve setup several lighting systems with my dad and have some scanners, moving heads and controllers myself.

    I wrote this, long time ago, might help you a bit…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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