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    Apparently you do – alls i asked was a simple question because i was curious as to how christian dj’s deal with the fact that EDM is directly associated with illegal explicit drug use…

    As well as the music that accompanies it (Quote “Rave is King” by Fukkk Off – “alchohol drugs overdrive noise neon lights party people can you feel it rave is king”)

    lol that was quite unnecessary but songs like that that have PHAT bass lines and dance beats is what im talking about. Do you just not play them? you limit yourself to a small section of dance music by doing so if this is the case…

    Then again… there is always Justice – lol

    -ps: this time try replying instead of dodging this inevitable fact

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    and the verdict still stands…

    Deadmau5 is a pompus arrogant asshole

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    The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side



    Whoda, i changed your username. you are welcome here but profanity isnt. the question that you asked is a valid question and we can certainly debate it with you but please no profanity

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    so….. whats your take on the matter?

    and do you actually… dj? like… i could be just not seeing the right things here but… other than online radio shows…. umm what do you do?

    venues? events? headliners? with turn tables and really loud speakers and hundreds or even thousands of kids dancing in a croud?



    yes we do actually dj. small events right now but we are planning a 500 person event in may. i dont know if you’ve ever heard of Kenneth Thomas, Toper Jones, or Terrence Parker but they are all members and Christians and they play large venues all the time. For instance the Detroit Electronic Music festival 3.4 million ppl over 3 days… I used to run raves in Detroit for about 3-4 years and also spun at them too but since I turned my life back to the Lord I now spin for an entirely different reason.

    Dance worship.

    This is why all of us are here. To worship God with dance and dance music. I’ve been involved in the electronic music scene for over 20 years and I personally know the 8 – 10 guys who are credited with “founding of house / techno” music back in the mid – late 80s. Terreance Parker being one of them and he is a born again Christian spinning for God.

    As to your point about dirty techno… really only about 10% if that of EDM is dirty and thats a much smaller % then any other forum of music on the planet. also, we make our own remixes of worship songs and produce our own original content.

    i hope that answers some of your questions… sorry for mispelling… im typing fast

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    Dj Genesis

    And dude (this is just my youthful ignorance speaking) whats so hard about grasping the concept that EDM, can be christian if not clean? Just sayin

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    indeed i suppose that there is a larger percentage of non explicit dance music..

    I focus more around the dirty crunk fidget house scene which exposes me to much more explicit lyrics i assume.

    sure – i see where you are coming from…. just seems silly to me

    its not the music i’m talking about here
    its the people that support the music… i mean you arent gonna pull the numbers you want if you are spinning trance/electro and you advertise the show “COME WORSHIP GOD!” ravers don’t care… they want to dance and roll/trip/fry/tweak out whatever works…

    im all about it being for the music – thats why I dj – but i know that the people that support my music are druggies

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    I just buy the tracks I like. I already don’t buy much tracks with vocals in it to begin with. Ones with vocals yeah, are censored.

    I’ve been playing since 2001. I’ve played at various places from coffee houses, local events & concerts, church events and weddings.

    You can check out some of my mixes in the streaming player on this site.



    whoda, you are right we wont pull the numbers that mainstraem edm does not now at least but thats really not the point. our lives have been radically changed and it doesnt matter to us if 10 ppl are there dancing or 5000. its not about them or the music to us. its about worshiping God.

    now here’s something to consider… ive personally attended Christian music conferences that had over 80,000 people in various stadiums and fair grounds. the types of music that were being played were Rock and Rap… we are going to change that.

    here’s a clip from the Felvo festival with Andy Hunter. This is an ALL Christian event… tell me how many ppl are here?

    also… notice… its pouring rain and that doesnt seem to bother anyone ;)




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    ha – im really going to try and not completely flame you for posting that video.. ok so you gathered some christians together… aside from the 5 people there shouting and clapping it doesnt seem like too many people are happy its raining – or happy in general… but it is a nice croud

    i know i hate shows in the rain (i’ve been to a few)

    but id have to say that you will never accomplish this




    again. not the point of what we are trying to do so you’re right we may never accomplish that. were not in it for the money or the fame but for God.



    by the way, i’m a HUGE armin fan and I would have loved to goto that event ;) was that the one in LA?



    Ok Whoda here is my 2 cents. It is true that rave heads are very much into drugs, ok a large population of our society is into drugs. If I own a grocery store and I am a Christian, do I insist that people doing drugs many not buy food from me? Well as a DJ, my goal is that people may know Jesus better. The way I plan on doing that is becoming friends with them and letting them see Jesus through me. So if I play music that is giving spiritual food, do I stop playing for those who are on drugs?

    Jesus says it best, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

    Well thats how I see it anyways.

    In terms of playing music with bad lyrics, I just stay away from it. Like Rod was saying, there is LLOOOOOTS of tracks with content that is good. Check out a few of my mixes here on the site. Tell me if you find any “obscene” lyrics. But also, does it stand up to industry standard? You be the judge.

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    science drop

    Whoda, welcome to the site man. I am really excited actually to have you here challenging this and asking why. It doesnt seem to make sense to you and thats great! I think these questions should be asked by everyone but maybe for yourself think about these.

    Why do you Dj?
    What do you want to achieve as a Dj?
    Where do you get the standards that says you have accomplished the things you want as a Dj?

    I dj because I believe that dance is powerful. I believe that God provides a spirit in dance that achieves many things. (I wont list them all here)

    What I want to achieve is worship. What that looks like I sometimes do not know. But I also believe that Christ is the way the truth and the light, so that makes my goal be about Him.

    The standards that I set for myself as a Dj come from my belief that God is real, and what is said in the Bible is true.

    Now everyones answer to these questions is gonna be different, but the answer to these 3 questions is relative to what you believe life is really about.

    No one on this site has “it” all figured out. In fact anyone here will probably admit that they dont, but we try together. We encourage each other to pursue God and pursue what they want to do with their music. Its really an amazing thing that is going on here.

    I really hope that you will keep coming back and keep challenging us as to what this all means!

    Also, just check out this video. This is DJ Cesar V, djing at a church in Bogata, Comlumbia. This is worship, it may look like a druggie party that we may be used to, but this is a church, worshipping God.


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