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    Dream with me.
    So you get to go to the event of the year. Millions Sold out. As your walk out on the dance floor. you see the dj talking to one of the bouncers. The bouncer looks over at you and walks up to you and tells you that the dj wants to know if you want to come up on stage. You of curse jump at the chance to see your favorite dj at work. As you stand there amazed at the skill and artistry that you are witnessing. you are overwelmed by the transitions and the way He can move a crowd with the work of His hands. And just when the climax of the night, the peak of the moment. He steps away and hands you His headphones and says finish it.

    What trust ?
    What faith ?
    to actually think that this guy trusts me enough to pull this off.
    He must be out of His mind right

    ANd yet that is exactly what Christ did. At the climax of His resurection He looked at His Deciples and Says Finish it. He looks At us today and says Finish it.
    Go and make deciples
    Go and love like I Loved.
    Go and finish the work of redemption that I started.
    He trusts us that much. Christ believes in you.
    He actually believes you can be like Him .
    I think its time We start trusting Him and start Finishing it don’t you.

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    Thanks for the word bro. It speaks to some specific things in my life.

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    wow I never saw it like that.. I’ve been writing poetry on this bbs called the cellar and when I finish the poem I write Y-F-T-P.. stands y’ou f’inish t’his p’oem.. that’s an awesome way of SEEING it..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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