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    Bored, even at work you want to scream? but yet so grateful to God you have a job especially in today’s economic climate? I have a job I’ve had for the past 5+ years and worked up to a decent wage and alright benefits, but it is so unfulfilling. It has allowed me to have a pretty good life and go and do things and I don’t dread going to work, until I get there lol, especially when it’s not a busy time and even when it is. It’s not like I haven’t tried to change things like take an online class and get a certificate which allows me to be a sports agent under a fairly large agency which I am pursuing with much vigor or look at other avenues of creating an income and finding something more rewarding but it’s like beating my head against a wall. I know in the end it’s all about honoring God with what we do, but the journey can be so frustrating.

    To follow that up, my car tires have been slashed twice in the past month costing me almost $400. Currently I am looking for another place to live, not just because of that but because I am getting married next September and my fiance is looking to transfer to a store with her company closer to me in the closest town that has one, trying to find a middle ground where we both won’t have to drive a long ways to work. I have submitted an application for another apartment in that town and waiting to hear if I am approved and then if so have to set things in motion to move out of my current place. In the mean time I’d be getting it read to be our place for the time being after we get married. So much stuff going on right now as well as keeping my weekly show going on here which is a joy to me.

    That felt so good to vent lol, hope it wasn’t too much.


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    I know how you feel, at least the boredom and unfulfillment part. Hopefully you can really get into that sports agent thing full blast.

    Wow, man I thought I had a lot more to say when I hit the reply button lol. I guess just keep praying and all that cheesy stuff!

    God bless!



    listening praying fora ya!Im wondering if you would send this to our HEAT team.Rahcle and ty and jeremy and anne they would love to pray for you

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    Hey! I tottally feel what you mean about the boredom. Our hearts crave so much more than the day in day out. I mean, nothing on earth can fullfill our longing for an infinitely fullfilling God. I worked for a coffee shop when I was 19 and they gave me this book called “
    Practice of the Presence” to read to help me to encounter the Lord in the mundaness of everyday life.

    I personally am not cut out for the 9 to 5, I go crazy staying in one spot. My wife and I are persuing ways to live out our dreams while caring for our family, which is totally forcing us to depend on the Lord because the market is so terrible right now.

    Congrats on the soon to be marriage! May the Lord bless and keep you to forever. Hope the apartment situation goes well.

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    Feel blessed you have a job.

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