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    Hey guys I am DJing a Father/Daughter dance in a couple of weeks. They said the main audience would be girls about age 12. Have any ideas of any specific songs to play? It’s for a church event.

    Any suggestions would help. Thanks.





    lol sorry man.

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    Might want to throw Butterfly Kisses track in, even though its overused at weddings, but the message is appropriate for what you’re doing.

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    Good idea Dun. The chicken dance and mexican hat dance are always hits. Can’t miss with Cotton eye Joe either. Some poppy Christian dance tunes wouldn’t be bad either. Is it going to be a conservative crowd (traditional)? Of course you have to have some good slow ones in there. Maybe some Barlow girl or Superchick? I’m old haha. Some decent country tunes wouldn’t hurt probably.


    Hey Dunamis,

    Yeah thanks for that. I will throw that one in there.


    I do have the Cotten Eye Joe as well that’s a good one.

    I do beleive it will be a traditional crowd. Mostly Fathers from our church bringing their daughters. But yeah I definitely have the Chicken Dance and the YMCA and other crowd favorites in there and some slow tunes as well.

    Do you know of any clean current pop music? I am using like Firework – and then Britney Spears Till the World Ends. Anything else you young kids are into? I mean you young girls are into LOL?

    From Matt

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    all of the 4 songs on mary marys sCloud are pretty good n dancey

    This bang Group 1 crew has some really good Godly dance vibes
    look up Automatic or We Shine – Stellar cart (they have more good stuff too)
    also bands like Manic Drive and love it away – krystal meyers[kMeyers 4 girls] are great also remedy drive and also Trinity – paper tongues < --thats a set opener

    please don’t play britney or kty perry as unbeknownst to many more secular artists are showing ties to satanic groups that are increasingly active these days, show the kids that there is a tasteful alternative this I beg of you :D and I don’t beg much but GOD gave me the gift of discernment and I’m able to see the attack on today’s youth gnarly vivid!

    and since this site is about CEDM peep this here officer [youtube:2ddevdy3]5WhBNdVAJjM[/youtube:2ddevdy3] that songs about the rapture just to clarify

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    @MPH wrote:

    chicken dance
    Barlow girl



    Hosea okay cool. Yeah I won’t play any Britney or Katy Perry for your sake at this dance. Thanks for the discernment.

    I also found some Daddy/Daughter DJ playlists on line so between that and your advice here I think I have what I need for this event.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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