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    Hello everyone! I am new to the forums and my name is Kevin Martin.

    Can someone please help me with this crisis I am going through?

    I am a Christian (Lutheran) and always have been for my whole entire life (I’m 16 by the way).
    I am a farmer and live on a farm and have always been a farm kid so I see God’s work everyday and I am in touch with him everyday. We recently began going to another church because my parents did not enjoy the new things our old church was trying. So we began going to a contemporary church that is casual, laid back, plays modern music, etc. which is nothing like we were used to. The thing I love about this new church that has multi-sites (which we are also not used to) is that the messages and sermons are GREAT and they stick with us the whole entire week. It really seems to help me in my life. However, some people from our old church think this new church is trying to brainwash their followers but the main problem I see with this new church is that I have felt so disconnected from God and Jesus! I do not know why. I am reading the Bible a lot more than I used to and praying a lot more but I don’t know why I feel this way. I am hoping it is just the winter blues, but I am afraid there is more to this problem than that. So please, can you help me figure out why I feel so out of touch? Is there anything else I can do to reconnect with God and Jesus? Please, and thank you so much in advance.
    God Bless,
    Kevin Martin

    P.S. – And one of the main questions I have that I never had a problem with before or I never had to ask or think before is How do I know God is real? I know, I know this is TERRIBLE for me to think and ask this and I feel like I am not being a true Christian anymore because I sin. I need help, please help me!




    Hey man, first off I just wanted to point out that it takes a lot of guys and wisdom to come to a place like this and ask for advice… especially at 16!

    When I was 16 ( now almost twice that old ) I was saved but all I cared about was girls, skating, and video games… In that order too (:

    The fact that you are concerned about your walk with the Lord is actually a very good and mature thing. Think about this… If you weren’t concerned about it and thought everything was how it should be then you’d actually be in trouble.

    This means two things. First you care about it enough to ask for advice and second you’re hearing the Holy Spirit deal with you telling you to come closer. Both of these things are good.

    The best advice I can give is keep pressing in. Don’t let whatever is going with your new church affect your closeness with God. Just keep pressing in and you’ll eventually get a break through!

    Also… The thoughts and feelings you are having are totally natural and every single Christian in the world has them at some point in life… Just usually not till adulthood.

    Sounds to me like your on the right path so keep it up.

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    hey bro, it’s a good thing that you have asked for godly counsel. I can understand where you are coming from. After the time of trial, if we persevere, our faith grows. A couple different things have helped me with what you are dealing with in terms of knowing God is real. One is because of my experiences, two is because of what I have learned.

    I would really suggest to research stuff like creation science with teachers like Ken Ham and Lee Stroble. The Case of Faith, Case for a Creator, and Case for Christ really help to support our beliefs. You might also look into Christian apologetics of why Christ is the real deal.

    Also do you fast? Fasting is a part of our Christian walk and maybe you should consider doing something like that.



    There is tons of info on this site with videos.

    A Science Journal put out my answers in genesis

    All of this info is great stuff. I would also recommend to go to a congregation that is full of the Holy Ghost, not a lukewarm church. The fruit will bear witness to whether or not the place is bearing fruit. Hope this helps bro. Also remember that to everyone who believes in Christ, the Spirit of God will dwell in that individual, and the Holy Spirit will bear witness to Himself. Fellowship with the Spirit of God and pray in the Spirit, building up your most holy faith!

    God Bless!!! :)

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    Josiah Fingaz

    It may be a case of different styles of worship. Especially in the Eucharist (communion). The Luthern church as a whole tends to have a view more consistant with the ancient church regarding communion. The Eucharist is more than a symbol it is a time of worship to experience the real presence of Jesus within the congregation. It’s the culmination of our worship. Whatever it is,talk to your parents about what you are feeling. I would want my children to tell me their concerns. I agree with Nate in that you show great maturity in asking for help in your walk. Glad you reached out!

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    hey i gotta give you props for you sense of awareness of what is going on. you sound very mature for 16 and like djrod. said, the fact that you feel like there is a problem is a good thing. after reading your post i gotta say it sounds like condemnation, chich comes out of our own flesh but it is TOTALLY a trick of the enemy. i see a couple things that could be happening. one, if this new church is inpiring you to read your bible more then that is a great thing. and if the sermons hit close to home then this also is a good thing, so now that you are on a path toward true salvation instead of just goin through the motions (like most christians) satan is going to notice you a little bit more. see, God has a plan for EVERYONE but not everyone wants to step up and do the work. you sound like someone the Lord really wants to do something big with. and once again because of that you are setting off the enemies radar. i know what it is like. it is the reason i stayed luke warm for so long but, TRUST ME. serving the Lord with all your heart is the best choice you wil ever make. i have only been serving Him, like 100%, for about a year and it has been hard but i am getting to a point where i can see so clearly how real He is but even bigger how much HE REALLY LOVES ME and ALL OF US!!! so there is no special formula to life but one of the other things i want to point out from my own walk is that doubt is by far one of the biggest things the enemy will use against us. he now has you questioning if God is real right after you admitted how much you see Him in nature. the statement you made lines up perfectly with His word. idk the exact verse but even the Bible mentions how clear it is to man that God is real through His creation, but i digress….DONT LET THE ENEMY STEAL YOUR FAITH. you know in your heart God is real and all you have to do is ask Him. haha He will not be offended. just be real with Him.”Lord i want to believe but i just dont know where you are right now. PLEASE show me you are real!” and believe me He will. the “desert” times in life are always hard but God says in Jerimiah that we will find His favor in the desert and believe me, the dry timers in life can be a real drag but they are only temporary and you will grow so much in these times so just hang in there. you are in a really good place and remember that God is HUGE…like really really really huge. hahaha He is always working behind the scenes to take care of stuff you havent even come to yet so just be encouraged to know that He does have big things in store for you and you will be just fine. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” Rom 8:28


    Pray for an encounter with G-d, specifically through the Holy Spirit. If you are hungry enough, He will not let you down.

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    I want to start by saying how blessed I believe we are that as believers we have something the world of the flesh doesn’t and that’s transparency. The dark one makes everyone feel shamed and discouraged so people cover up the things they fear or that truly bother them. So thank you Kevin for sharing your heart man. As I think just about everyone mentioned its great to see such a God loving guy you are, and also the you seeking input about the distance you’re feeling with God is already a good sign.

    I was reading the book of James with a buddy of mine recently and read something I really liked. The second verse states “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds” and then follows it up with “because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” I don’t know if this relates but as kompaktkat was saying, I’ve also noticed that the closer my walk with Jesus becomes, the more Satan attacks. So I was just going to say that consider this moment of questioning as a way to show your true faith to our maker. Keep praying, reading your bible, and seeking Him. I will be praying for you as well.

    Also, if any Christian were to tell you they’ve never doubted Gods existence in their life or all together, they would be lying.

    I truly hope everyone was able to help you in some form or fashion but just know at the very least you have the love and support of this community and I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say we’re so happy you have become a part of it.

    God Bless Kevin

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