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    Focus on Faith
    No one ever accomplished anything without discipline. Faith is a very gratifying discipline, and having faith in the trinity of God the Father Son and Holy Spirit is the best way to be at peace with yourself, nature, and the rest of the earth. When you have faith in the TRINITY your mind is just so much more at ease because you know that there is a higher power in charge and even if something bad dose happen it will work it self out because God is in control. Sure the same God resides over Good and Evil but wouldn’t you rather be on the side of Good. When you are fighting for the “Good Guys” it’s just so much more gratifying because that evil stuff is so annoying and to be hell bound is just not fun. So be at peace with yourself and “Focus on Faith.” The Little Creatures of the Land and the Rest of Nature is Already in Gods Hands wouldn’t you like to be too. If everyone sang the same songs and they were songs of Joy, I believe there would be less natural disasters. Because mother earth would know the planet was at peace and we wouldn’t be so focused on Idols. Then the earth would fall in love with it’s inhabitants and the songs of Joy would heal the land, the earth would give birth to it’s dead and peace and harmony would prevail. So be at peace with Nature and “Focus on Faith”. As for the rest of the earth I think if we gave more power to Christian Evangelist then peace would come faster. Yea I don’t know nearly enough to elaborate too much on that so I’ll just say Listen to the Evangelist and “Focus on Faith”.

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