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    Dear God’s DJ’s…

    I’m not at all familiar with Christian Electronic music: it’s history, it’s roots, how far back it traces … I’m willing to give Christian electronic music a try a try … I’m wondering for the oldskool ravers who listen to Christian electronic music, would you be able to help me out???

    I’ve explored a lot of electronic music over the years and I find that my tastes are varied, I don’t stick to one genre, there’s much that I like … and I really don’t know too much about electronic music after a certain point (circa. 2004) but my interests lie even further back in underground dance history.

    For anyone whose interest I’m still keeping, I’m wondering if any of these sub-genres have been “baptized” into Christian electronic music producers works … I don’t know the resources of what’s out there and to just to sink myself into unfamiliar territory with always focusing on the up and coming won’t help me go back to roots, which is kind of what I’m about.

    House: Italo, Acid, Funky, French

    Techno — Detroit/(Hamilton) Plus 8 Platikman (’till Consumed), Planet e// — England: LFO, Altern8, Orbital, Underworld, etc, ; minimal, acid, illbient, hard acid.

    Trance: Techno Trance/Trance Dance (’92-’96, before Robert Miles’ “Children”); Goa until ’97, Psytek, hard acid, happy German stuff (like Scooter or Westbam).

    Breakbeat: Chemical Breaks, Funky Breaks; like the Chemical Brothers or The Crystal Method (Vegas).

    __What I prefer to focus my attention to ___:
    Jungle: before ’95/’96 (before 2-step hardstep) … Dark/Darkness/Darkcore/Jungle Tekno, Happycore (4-beat, oldskool breakbeat hardcore), Ragga/Raggacore, Breakcore Jungle … so the really torn up Amen breakbeat stuff not the 2-step, I mean, I prefer stuff like Remarc, Bizzy B, DJ Crystal over stuff like say Roni Size made in New Forms; I also like Neurofunk (disco-jungle, like J Majik’s remix of Hatrias’ Space Invaderz); The Hardcore and ambient jungle styles of LTJ Bukem
    Hardcore:Oldskool breakbeat hardcore (Prodigy: Experience) Acen, the stuff that Rat Pack have always played, ‘Ardcore U Know The Score ;) … Bouncy/Tartan, Happy (before ’99), Trancecore, Freeform, even UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore up to today…)

    Ambient/Experimental: Ambient House, Ambient Dub, Ambient Dub Techno, Ambient Trance, Ambient Psy ….
    Ninja Tune /Warp/planet-mu Records like stuff … Ektoplazm.
    (like The Orb, Future Sound of London, Global Communication, Nightmares on Wax, The Black Dog, Plaid, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, mu-ziq Jega, Venetian Snares …)

    Does anyone know where I can find artists that captures the sound of any of this music???
    If I like this music, where should I turn to here new music which is Christian Electronic that carries on with any (any at all … ) of these sub-genres … jungle/hardcore especially.

    I feel a bit dated here, but this is the music really has exited my taste for electronic music … and I’m really into my music.

    I probably just “shared” too much, if this irritates you, sorry and respect. I want to know what’s out there to expand my repertoire now that I want to offer my DJing to God.

    I’m living in Toronto since 2000 (just missed iDance by a small margin), I have just turned 32, and I have been involved with electronic sounds ever since earliest memories … electronic sound always hooked me into a headspace which exited me.

    I have a Pioneer DDJ-SX and have been playing for 6 months and am self taught, Serato makes it so easy (DJ’s told me while I was out and about in the early part of the millennium if I get decks it will take about a year to learn to beatmatch if i practice daily…).

    I just had my first party and I realize that I can do a lot more with it if I bring praise and worship to God through dance music that would end and transcend a need of mine since my re-version back to faith.

    I don’t know who likes electronic music (at all), and is Christian-Catholic. Friend me if you want to on facebook, Richard Bornyi … and boy was I into deep stuff.

    (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-Azs5J7i1U) … I’m the guy with black hat, black glasses, blue shirt … :) … interesting part of raving/proper post raving history in Toronto.

    So what’s new for 2014 that I might like???


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    Hi Caleb, I’m old Skool too, I used to be a full time DJ until about 10 years ago, the good ol’ days of Technics 1200′s & 1210′s, I started playing Jungle (early 90′s), but also, like you, love music from many genres. I moved on to funky house, Goa Trance (Man with no name was my favorite artist), breaks and beats, I ended up playing old Skool Hip Hop, Rare Groove and FunK!

    I used to go to the “Universe” Raves in the UK, Fabio, Grooverider, Top Buzz, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Tanith, Slipmat, Jumpin Jack Frost, Micky Finn etc. I met Cox once and DJ’d on the same billing as Judge Jules once too.

    Now, after years away, I have God telling me He wants to use me to reach kids through EDM. So, I’m buying some synths and stuff to make my own choons, start up a night to bring these kids in to make music too.

    I already run a Youth Worship team, but its a guitar based band, I want to run a Youth Worship EDM band.

    God bless you bro.

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    12Tribes! :)

    It must have been a great time! … And the worst of times when it comes to the soul. :\
    I know when I was going through my era by the time I got out I felt so dirty … but the music is/was so special.

    Glad we met!!!! The DJ that I met of any credit, I suppose, is Richie Hawtin in 2002 when he touring with Sven Vath, probably for DE9. I think I was the only junglist in the a techno crowd because there was no one else pulling up his lighter. Sure caught his attention though. I got his signature on a serviette after the party cause I didn’t carry any of his music, though I had a lot of plastikman CDs … so good.

    Do you know the Ektoplazm website??


    We had a lot of goa/psy trance at FreeTekno, as well as breaks, breakcore-jungle, hardtek. It was fun to party outside with familiar people far more then going to large parties … made it feel more real.

    That was then, this is now. :) :)

    What sort of edm would like to produce?? Like a synth band? Do you think you’ll ever make revivalist kind, i.e. the music which I listed … what do you think of current edm; don’t really know much of the new styles or their tracks, there’s so much out there that I haven’t listened to …

    Do you feel like going into your roots? I’m not sure how much music you kept … I think it’s part of the natural process of conversion to reject (i.e. get rid of) and then heal after the influences are gone, but over the past few years I have over 148 GB of free legal music from websites and you could use it to sample, if you want to. I could send you usbs, no charge … I guess the “Free” spirit is still in me.

    I could also show you what’s on my itunes list … I have over 2400 songs (and a major visa charge, huh) … but the reason why I am so generous is because I think someone like you and the kids you’ll be teaching will definitely come up with some stuff that’s really awesome!!! It’s just an offer. But the offers there. I would expect reciprocity in the future, I’d buy just like everyone else! :)

    I will have my party concept posted very soon! Probably spiritual discussions … take a gander. :)

    God bless you too, bro!

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    … check for it in the hang out, it’s more appropriate. :)

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