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    A bit of format to your sounds.

    This chart show the eq setting for make the vowel sounds like the human voice to your synth or ect ect
    aaaauuiiuueeee eeeaauueeee no more wah wahhh wah wa wah
    You dont need to be died on the spot frequency you just have to be close to it to get the sound.
    You can use all most any eq you wish but i prefer parametric eq if your going to use this the right way.
    there are some format filter vst you can find online some you can buy
    fm8 has some thing like talk walk but some dont use (it user preferences kind of thing)
    ect alot more other thing out there

    possibles of using the formant


    Bass to make talking bass more expressive vowel sound in your bass
    you can put the format frequency a bit more in your synthesizer (synthesizer,wave shapes, and note played may vary user preferences kind of thing ) and use your eq format or multiple lfo’s with the formanted setting applied to each lfo
    and them your regular fx chain in any order like bit crushing, harmonizer, vocoder, ring modulator, your top secret $1000 vst and what ever you use after that ect ect lol (user preferences kind of thing again)
    there is also format synthesis you can look into so you can eq out all !cheesiness! and layer that up
    with the bass

    To get it a bit more human/robot like is modulate/move the parameters wiggle it a bit or go to other vowel’s sound like “iiiieeeeuuu” if you wish
    and move you other fx or synth parameters as well the key to it is “keep it moving”
    spend some time with the automating and try different envelopes (so you can swing into it)
    Make every thing the way you like something you dont have to use it all the time
    synth phrases and !sentences! can be made you just have to use your ear and your mind and you may have to use other eq setting or wave shapes, synthesizers
    Its not only for bass you can use it on the high notes to

    Vocals samples/cutting ups.

    for vocal samples you can make it follow the words (kind of)
    and also its good for the cutting up things when you need it to sound slightly different on the split or stutter
    example “i need you because i need you”
    formant “i eeee uuu eeeeuuu i eeee uuu”
    or “i eeee uou eeeauue i eeee uou”
    If your going for a sentences its going to take a long time.

    Experiment have fun and also use a compressor when you edit to protect your ears !

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