FSOW 3 Laser / Lighting Preview Video!

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    ok guys check it out…in this video you’ll see the following lasers / lights

    Chauvet Scorpion GBC Blue & Green Cyan Laser

    Chauvet Minspot RGBQ Moving head spot

    Chauvet Cirrus Web Laser

    make sure to turn the video quality up to 1080p when watching!



    Man I am so juiced about this!



    dude ive gone out in my garage almost every night and fired this thing up just to play with it. its awesome!

    willie can confirm its awesomeness, i showed it to him this weekend :D


    Yeah, looks great, good job!

    If I had lights, I’d spend all my time programming nice shows and I wouldn’t have time left to do any music at all :p I had to stop clubbing, I had a sore neck every time I went out because I spent the whole evening looking up at the light rigs :p



    haha nice man!

    in total this is what we will have:

    1x Scorpion GBC Laser (DMX)
    1X Cirrus Web Laser
    6X MinSport RGBW Moving Head Spots (DMX)
    6X Led Floor Cans (DMX)
    10X Blacklight tubes
    6X HD LCD Projectors
    3X Fogmaster Fogmachines

    and…ya i think thats it…for now and I’m happy to say that we own all of it! no RENTING this year! woohoo :D

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    MEOW! :D



    haha lol ya she wanted to come in the garage and see the laser too :lol:

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    nice lights. Chauvet makes some good stuff. I’ve only used Chauvet and Martin Lighting with various hardware and software DMX controllers.

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    The big laser is off the hook cool. Unbelievable brilliance and color. I never knew so much laser could fit in that box! There are a lot of visuals going into this shindig!

    It looks like star wars mixed with a house fire coming out of Nate and Becky’s Garage on any given night now.

    Those little lighting spots are pretty incredible too. Very smooth and quiet operation.

    I can’t wait to see this stuff lighting up a large room. I’m thinking on the spectacular and amazing side.

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    hhmmm, ive always been a ADJ fan- but when the cirrus came out, I really wanted one. that thing looks like a beast. if you take any vids during the show, make sure you show the cirrus ;) have fun!

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