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    Name: Ryan
    Location: Costa Mesa, CA

    I just got home from my first “real” gig in 10+ years. I grew up around turntables and turntablists, mixing old school funk, hip-hop, electro, and freestyle.

    I play synths in a band and realized my band setup could be stripped down and used to DJ off my laptop.

    Gear: Ableton Live; Behringer BCR2000

    Tonight’s gig was a success. It was at a big church in the cafe area after evening service. I was asked to add some “ambiance”. So I did, with a million dB of bass. ;)

    Thanks to DJ OniX, who is on this forum. I spun a couple of his tracks. And DJ Gi, who may or may not be on this forum I spun one or two of his remixes too.

    Feels great to find a small community of us here. I hope to hit the dive bar and club scene here at home!

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    science drop

    Welcome Ryan! Keep letting us know whats goin on around Costa Mesa! We need more Cali peeps, right DJ Faith.



    Yay Cali, I am in Nor Cal Gamo. Nice to meet ya!



    welcome aboard man

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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