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    Feeling the Fire under my skin,
    Feeling the urgency once again,
    Stepping out of the sandbox,
    As we begin,
    I need someone to free me,
    Form the realm of pretend,
    The energy is pumping,
    I can barely comprehend,
    This paradox of mirrors,
    Has got no end,
    The light of the spectrum,
    Is starting to bend,
    Into the darkness,
    Like 10 thousand suns,
    Where do I start,
    How far have I come,
    This black hole in my mouth,
    Is making me numb,
    In my heart I’m forever young,
    My body is aging,
    The war is waging,
    My soul is craving,
    Pure adrenaline and truth divine,
    Don’t worry I won’t step out of line,
    A real christian living orderly,
    Is the fruit of the vine.

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