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    I was supposed to post this last week…

    Hey Ladies and Gents

    This is my first set Posted EVER on any forum in the world!

    This isnt the happiest mix by no means…it was tough to live through the Winter for some reason, our Enemy is always trying to bring us down and down and down….but heres the stream of emotion and fighting the darkness in my life that came through on this set reflecting my struggles with the spiritual.
    Christ won it all though.
    He fights the War..we just battle it out with the darkness from time to time

    Glacial Comparisons in Light and Harmony

    1. Minilogue Certain Things Around You (Part 2)
    2. 16bit lolitas – Karmageddon
    3. Hernan Cattaneo – Warsaw
    4. Pär Grindvik – Do us Apart
    5. SCSI-6 – the Rime
    6. Guy J – Fallstar
    7. Gui Boratto – Tipologia (‘id?’ remix)
    8. C.Smith+J.Selway – Push Factor
    Guy J – Esperanza
    9. Minilogue – Space (Pierce Remix)
    Minilogue – Space (Roland remix)
    10.Pole Folder – Radio 101 (S.McKeowan’s remix)
    Tom Pooks – Trouble (Farouki mix)
    11. Deetron – I Cling (Aril Brikha Remix)
    Zoo brazil; Glenn Morrison – A Lement




    Goood mix :) I heard it ahead of time…suckers ;)



    HAHA…thanks man. As soon as im done the poster for the june rave we gotta get it all hype up in the forums k?



    Ya no prob! I don’t know many Canadians on here tho :( How far is the upper US from you?



    New york border is like 1 hour away
    Michigan (detroit/windsor) is 9 or morehours away
    California is 1 week away haha!






    My flyer is done, I just need to design a poster next.
    Ill probably be spinnign something like tech house/melancholic techno proggy all I know is that I want to include Pryda – Beautiful People…haha.



    Nice! I was hoping you would say that! I am gunna be doing Upbeat Prog. house. Kinda good feel stuff to intro summers coming! Been getting lots of good tracks recently. Should be a good time of worship! PS can we use your mix sometime for the radio show?

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    Good Selection…



    I guess you never got to hear the mix though, I uploaded it n zshare but the link is prolly dead now:
    heres a new mediafire link


    Its a rar file…
    I actually cut the tracks for you so you can burn it onto a cd is you want!

    Thanks for the compliment on the selection I worked hard at trying to express a kind of beauty and melancholy through the tracks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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