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    2009 will be a year of being filled with and manifesting the Holy Spirit. It will be led by joy; the ushering in of Kingdom manifestations will be led by joy! Forget about all kinds of feasts and fables for there is only one feast: a Jesus feast, only one King, King Jesus! 2009 spells, no, it prophecies, speaks into being, yes 2009 speaks into being Joy, Joy, Joy unspeakable to the world, and peace on earth. A year where the Spirit of the living God is going to move as never before, in presence, in glory, in fullness, in awesome healings, in resurrections, harvest of souls, provision of joy, peace and righteousness, a Kingdom manifesting year. Be ready to see God move, His Spirit is hovering over us, especially those that carry the Word, which is the water, the streams of living water. Joyous festive singing and dancing are to break loose later this year, undignified parties of the Holy Ghost kind. NO MORE wailing walls. The party has begun! in fact, it has already started 2000 years ago! We have been misled by religious demons (Heb 12:22-24 and Nehemiah 8). Wash your faces and put on joy for your festive garments, it is party time, lovers of Jesus! The Holy Ghost is whirling and twirling of the heavenly kind (Zephaniah 3:17) has started, do not miss the trains and rivers of joy flowing from the east (the temple of God). You, Beloved, are the temple of God, with your face turned fully to the east and flesh blinding rays of the Son (Ezek 47). It will overtake you, so be prepared to drown in the joys of Heaven, in the joy of your Father, rivers of Godly joy, Amazon rivers driving the sea of sin and wailing back hundreds of miles. Put on your party shoes, put on your dancing shoes. Let the joy of the Lord explode in you, through you. Joy unspeakable and full of glory, joy, joy, joy, feasts of joy, no more wailing walls, but waves of joy and wonder and peace and provision. The year of the Spirit in fruit, in gifts, in fullness, in peace, joy and righteousness! The kingdom of peace, the kingdom of joy, and the kingdom of righteousness to manifest in all its fullness this year. Spirit of the living God, Holy Spirit, move your people with love feasts of joyous celebration this year! It is party time, no more tears, no more wailing, no more false emotional worship, it is party time, Saints, let the joy of the Lord overflow from us to the lost, and let them be drawn like bees drawn to honey jars. Let the joy flow like heavenly honey from Father’s throne. We look forward to a year filled with His presence and glory, even though the world seems to be in turmoil. May the LORD bless you and keep you submersed in His joy and glory!
    Please pray for these specific needs this year .Transport is our major priority.We need a ministry car or truck to help us take the Jesus film to the far distant villages in Kenya.Pray for doors of grace to open for the financial needs of this ministry.Prays for the hearts of many unreached tribes to open and come to have a personal realtionship with Jesus.Pray that the hostile tribes be gentle to us and welcme us in their villages as we bring the love of God to them.Please keep us in your daily prayers.Post these needs in your church bulletin boards and any other prayer sites.God bless you all.

    Onchangu James Morara

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