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    Ok guys, so some of you may be aware the Godsdjs.com is right now piggybacking onto my churches domain but this needs to change. We are getting to big and we need our own dedicated server but this costs $$$. One of the advantages of a dedicated server is that I can host multiple domains on it at a time. Thus being said I’ve decided to offer webhosting for Godsdjs MEMBERS only and it will be for a flat rate of $7.99 a month. For this cost you will recieve the following:

    - UNLIMITED! Gigs of storage space (yes I said unlimited)
    - Unlimited POP3 / Webmail Email accounts
    - FTP Access / 10 Accounts
    - MySQL Databases (Unlimited)
    - PHP Support
    - Pearl
    - CGI-BIN
    - ASP.Net

    There is a control panel but it is shared across all of the accounts so I will have to admin this if you need a new email address, ftp account, sql db etc I’ll set it up for you. I will also help you move you’re existing files from your current host over to us. So far the server has had about 99.5% / month uptime with only a few hours down for maintanence.

    This will be a great way to support Godsdjs guys and will help me out paying the huge monthly bill!

    Please think / pray about this…

    Thanks guys!



    ok guy… this is a GO. i just signed up for the new server and it will be up by tomorrow. Also, per request by Al and Gen, I will be creating a very basic but nice looking template that will have sections like, your bio, your pics, and your music, and the template will be very easy to customize for each person (dj / producer). i will include this template for free for anyone that doesnt have an existing site and i will help them set it up if needed.
    as of now we have 3 people confirmed who are going to be using the hosting service too… :D

    ill post more details on this as they come.

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    thats a pretty good price for all that stuff…to bad i dont need a site :(



    last night i stayed up until 1:30am working with the tech guys at our hosting company but I’m happy to announce that Godsdjs.com and Christianedmalliance.com are now on our own DEDICATED server. We can now handle upwards of 500,000 visitors a month (if we ever get that big) and we now are ready to start hosting member domains. I will reply back to this post with the paypal signup buttons for hosting later today.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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