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    Greets All!

    Just posting a ‘hi I’m a new guy on the block at God’s DJs’ message. I’m Donn Williams – aka the Digital Monk (or eMonk for short ;-) Finally getting ready to set up a ministry website (http://www.digitalmonastery.org/) after a couple years of sitting on the domain. ‘What’s the big idea?’ – to facilitate worshipping the Lord thru sound, light / visuals, and teaching. I have a deep appreciation for EDM and electronic music in general along with unusual sounds (ethnic instruments and created instruments.) Done a bit of DJ Led worship in past years. I really hope to spend some time producing / writing in the coming years. Used to be active on TastyFresh (donnw) but not recently. Time to stir things up again and get more active.

    I’m curious; anyone here using the Allen & Heath Xone-DX for their live work? How about the Yamaha RS-7000, E-mu Command Stations (XL-7, PX-7) or Korg KARMA synth? These are some of my core tools.

    Anyway, looks like a great site. Hope to learn a lot here and make some friends… Hit me up on facebook – http://facebook.com/donnw1 or check out my alter ego blog as TheAstroMonk at http://theastromonk.blogspot.com/ – Cheers!

    Peace & blessings,
    Donn / aka Digital Monk



    Welcome man, great to have you on board!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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