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    hi i how i put this in the spiritual discussion to ask this very odd question also spiritual.
    I know that Gods dose not want men to have long hair (thats clear as day in the Bible).
    but what about naturally relaxing/flat ironing my hair? ( and a am black with curly hair )
    is it wrong to alter my hair in this manner? ( and yes i will keep it short )
    i just dont want to upset God.
    i dont wont to see closed gates, just because i did some thing to my hair : (

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    First man you have to look at the context of where it says that in the bible. God wants His people to be separate from the world right? Yes, but Nasserites had long hair and it was usually dreaded. God is not interested in how long your hair is but interested in your heart. There are a lot of things in the bible that are taken out of context and some even have to do with the culture at the time. It doesn’t matter if you keep it short or grow it out, curl it or straighten it. What matters is your heart seeking the Father? If having long hair makes you stumble brother then by all means keep it short but if it doesn’t then it’s all good. What does the bible say about going to heaven. If you believe in Jesus. Remember this that God is seeking people who want to have intamacy with Him. Doing all the right stuff wont get you there. You all ready are clean by the word which he has spoken to you. That’s John 15. You can do all the right stuff and still miss gasing into his eyes. Matthew 7:21-23. You can do all the right things and Jesus still say depart from me you who practise lawlessness for I never knew you. This does not mean we don’t have character and don’t follow what Jesus laid down. But we seek his face first not trying to perform for Him. God is looking for lovers of Him.

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    I think Untamedson has got it absolutely right. If your heart belongs to God then you are Holy, you are a Saint, because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. The style of your hair will not distance you from the Father if you follow the Son.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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