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    I know using headphones to review your projects is not the best things, but it is great if you are on the go and not near your home studio. So, I was wondering what some of your preferences would be for using a set of head phones. Please, list Company and Type!

    Thanks! :P

    Right now this is what I am using

    Skull Candy – SK PRO
    Senheiser – HD 205-II


    Oh, I kinda can’t recommend anything.

    You have the same sets I do. Although I can say Skull Candies are not to be used for mixing.

    Senheiser and Audio Technica are top notch, so sticking with them will be no trouble for you.
    And you know, just save up and get the HD 800′s after buying those I hope you’ll never need to buy another pair again :p

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    Saweeet. Thank you. I was also looking at Denons monitoring headphones, you know, the ones as big as Mickey Mouses ears.


    This is a headphone guide put together by an audiophile at http://Head-fi.org

    The Denon’s aren’t mentioned in the guide but there are other threads there that might help you.

    And I love Mickey mouse ear sized headphones. They are great :P

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    Thanks for the link! It is very helpful.

    Blessings. :P

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    I rock the beyerdynamic dt 770′s. They are bass heavy, which makes it awesome for edm and electronica. They are also very comfortable, and can be worn for hours on end without hurting. The price is around $200 and if you buy a pair, I would recommend doing so on sweetwater if you buy them new. They are closed headphones so the sound is contained in the headphones and blocks out external noise (open lets the sound pour out and makes it easy to hear what is going on in the room while you listen).

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    Thank you for the extra tid bits on what different headphones do. I am still learning the lingo and specs. I will check those pair out. This blog is such a great resource. Thanks guys!


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    I use AKG K240 and Sennheiser make good ones too.

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