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    Hello everybody I am so very happy and excited to see that I am not alone in my passion for Jesus and EDM. I can`t say I know too many other Christians that share a love and desire to produce and play EDM for the glory of GOD so it thrills me to be a part of this forum. I am 34 years old (although some say I don’t act it) and really love producing music and lean towards psy, tech, prog… (actually i prefer to think outside the box and as a Christian i believe there is no box) I have been a DJ of hard dance (Hard trance and hardstyle) for a few years and was previously into hip hop, making beats an MC`ing as well as worship leading at church doing vocals. *wipes moderately sweaty brow* Long story short, I fell away from the Lord so far I think I backslid passed hell! But God had other plans and by His grace he welcomed this prodigal son back with open arms. What an awesome God we serve! Anway I look forward to meeting you all and exchanging ideas in the future. Glory 2 GOD and may he bless everything you put your hand to – The crusader.

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    Welcome from your bother in Christ! Remember, it’s not what you do, but what Jesus has done for us! That’s the beauty of Grace!

    I used to live not far from that neck of the world: Papua New Guinea. I still have a lot of good Aussie friends!

    It’s wonderful how God has His great family all over the world! Whatever your hands find to do, do it all for Him!

    “You may be 1,000 steps away from God, but it’s only one step back.”



    hey guys welcome to the forum. and you may be surprised to find out just how many other Christian EDM listeners there are… we are about to break 100,000 fans on our facebook page :D

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