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    Monica Jahn

    Hello fellow members,

    Nice to be apart of a group that has Christ and Electronic Music together! I cannot say that I was ever a DJ but did much record buying in San Francisco in the 90′s and early 2000′s. I had attempted to be a DJ when the “rave” scene was still illegal and we broke into warehouses to have a party. This leading to about 5 years of destructive behavior and choices I fell from God. I finally felt alive in that scene and felt accepted. I also discovered I could dance-a hip-hop/break dance to be more detailed.
    After many years of fighting God, I finally realized that I was sinking and had to pull myself out. I did, thank God, and now only have memories of dancing and electronic music. My Pastor knows my story and said…..”all of your passions should not end with music and dancing”; “do it through Christ”. So I did some Googleing and found this site! AMEN!

    I hope that this site will bring me back to a passion for electronic music and dance with Jesus by my side this time and not the devil.

    Thank you for this site.

    In His Name,


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