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    Good morning. Praise God.
    I love God and seek to serve Him. His anointing is on my life to help others and I do that professionally and sometimes personally through counseling, encouragement, prayer and intercession, and being used of the Holy Spirit in various ways (e.g., gifts of the Spirit, Christian Life Coaching).

    Now, I’m writing this post b/c I believe God is revealing another channel to my Prosperity via music. I just joined the forum a few days ago b/c God has placed a couple of hooks in my spirit that shall be hits and Glorify Him and draw people to Him and deeper within Him. I’m not a DJ or producer (that’s my brother’s passion), but I received some classical training for 2 years at an early age (violin), can recognize good hooks, and music was very important in my life for many years before studying the Word and listening to teaching CDs took over my life. I also played a little keyboards in a band back in Washington D.C.

    So, I’m in Orlando now and want to see if there are any of you in the Orlando area who feel led by the Holy Spirit to work on this project with me. It has to be a God thang for this to work. I’d be willing to exchange or barter services (I work at UCF Counseling Center in a Psychologist position) if it be God’s will. Nevertheless, not my will Father, but Thy will be done.

    Be blessed and walk in the Light,

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    Hey, a lot of us might be interested in collaborating online somehow if you are up for that. Otherwise, Karl Forde with Deepsink Digital (record label) is in Florida and would probably collab with you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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