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    Hi all, especially to brothers in trance music! I live in Croatia (EU) and I’m musician since age 8 and I dont read but I hear music and learn music that way.

    I am a fundamental trance lover and I like to make that genius music style, my style is uplifting trance and tranergy. I used to listen to Tunnel Trance Force music made by dj Dean. So I follow that sound spirit. To give you an idea what sound I like to do, here are some examples:
    -Insomnia (Faithless)
    -Twister (Sam Sharp)
    -Adagio4strings (William Orbit)
    -On the move (Barthezz)
    -music from dj Talla2xlc
    -Offshore (Chicane)
    -Hale Bop (der dritte raum)
    -music from Mauro Picotto

    I like also music orchestra/film kind of music like Braveheart, Gladiator, Startrek, Starwars, Pirate of Caribbean, Superman etc., other great music that I find spiritually moving are:
    -Oxygene (Michele J. J.)
    -Conquest of paradise, Blade Runner soundtrack, Chariots or fire (Vangelis)
    -May it be (Lord of the rings), We are free (Gladiator) – (Enya)

    I use FL studio software, and have Korg Triton synthesizer, 2 pieces of Alesis X25 midi keyboards and Asus G73JW laptop with i7 cpu 1.73ghz, 6GB ram, gtx 460m video card, 500GB hd… nice for making trance music and some gaming too as I am fan of Black Ops game and CoD5 World at War.

    I am 31 and became a christian since 2005 and got baptized 2007. How I discovered Christ is a real story to tell. I am looking forward to have great connections with you and fun+joy! :D



    welcome aboard!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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