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    Hey Folks.

    So for my 2nd post here I thought I’d let you know how I was led to Jesus.

    Well I’ll start from say just over a year ago. I was Agnostic but was also very closed minded for one, I went out of my way to disprove any and all faiths for no reason what so ever (to my knowledge) other than being an ignorant fool lol. Around about this time I met a girl named Lisa in a bar, my pagan friend actually introduced us to each other (this was just after a very bad 3 year long relationship with another girl). We got talking and really liked each other, so we started dating. She let me know that she was a Christian and asked if I had any issues with that, I didn’t have any issues with her following whatever faith she wanted as I already knew by the 2nd week I loved her.

    She then Invited me to her Church (The Lighthouse Church, Musselburgh) I had my doubts about going and got really nervous and had all these pictures in my head of stereotypical christians. As soon as I enter the church my nerves settle and I’m instantly greeted by the pastor Scott (Who is the most awesome guy you’ll ever meet), he asked me a few questions and then left it at that. Anyway at this point I had never read any part of the bible in my life, a few weeks later I have a dream that I’m reading the bible, a very specific part of the dream stood out to me and I couldn’t get it out of my head, Jeremiah 13. As soon as I got up from my slumber I started frantically searching for a bible to find out if this passage existed and if it did, what did it mean. I read it and instantly relised that the lord was speaking to me, what I got from the passage is that I had to change my ways or only bad things will come from the life that I led.

    That dream made me instantly acknowledge that God does exist and he is always looking after us.
    Not too long ago I was admitted into hospital as I had a severe asthma attack. I was sat in my bed alone unable to sleep, so I look to the stars and asked God “why am I here in hospital right now, what is the purpose of this?”, I heard God say “Be strong, Fight on. I am always by your side and I will never fail you.” My faith has just increased as time goes on, no matter how difficult things seem to be, The Lord will never fail you.

    So from closed minded agnostic to a full hearted believer and follower of christ, also practising leader. Appologies for the long post, but I pray that it fills you with confidence in the lord!


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    Praise God brother!!! :D

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    PRAISE GOD! thanks for sharing bro

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