i made a 2 part mix that tells my testimony of addiction and recovery thru god

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    Hey whats up guys, check out my testimony of how i fell into substance abuse, and found my way out and regained my faith in the lord. trust me you guys will like it if like house, hard dance, and uk hardcore. because i tell it making mixes that are symbolic to what had happened and how it had felt when i was going through it. be sure to read the description of the tack it contains all the translation for the symbolism. thanks guys, much PLUR and god bless :3

    before you jump right in heres a small back ground about me, im a veteran of the chicago edm, and underground rave scene. warehouse massives with 8,000-9,000 people, BYOB (bring your own baloon) house parties with upwards of 500 some people and at the least 4, 80lb tanks of medical grade nitrous oxide, just crazy stuff. things that almost completely destroyed my life if i wouldnt have turned back to the lord.
    so give it a listen and be sure to follow along with the lyric quotations in the song description to decode my story of recovery.
    you may have to copy and paste the link to your search bar if needed.
    heres the link : https://soundcloud.com/thenamelessfaces-1/sets

    it starts with the track called [TNF] Dont Stop (TID) in the Part one, Downfall (demons) set
    and it ends with the part 2 redemtion (saved) set
    if you like uk hardcore, and christian edm then give me a follow while your there cause its on the way.

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    Cool idea and great testimony! Looking forward to listening!

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