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    Hey Guys! I’m sorry the forum for this hasn’t been up until now, but now that it is, all the information that you need to know about this show will be here!

    First off, what is this show?

    I believe that Jesus Christ has dominion over all things, including music. I also believe that Trance is the genre of choice for worship in EDM (Just a personal bias because of the energy and how it makes you feel something =P). So on this show, I will play secular tunes and Christian tunes. Call me a master of eisegesis, but I see ways in which you can apply 90%+ of the Lyrics in Trance to be worship to G-d. It can also be used in prophetic worship (IHOP/Harp and Bowl Style). The Dynamics in Trance (and Progressive House) are very similar to the dynamics in modern worship (Buildups/Breakdowns/high energy etc.), and I believe this will take over the worship scene someday.

    But first Jesus Christ must make his infiltration.

    On this show, I select my favorite tracks, worship tracks, fun tracks, and tracks that are sentimental to me. A lot of the time, I will tell you why I picked the tracks, and their exact meaning. My goal is to get people thinking outside the box about Trance/EDM in general.

    That said, the show is on the second friday of every month. I am a full time student, I work, and am very busy besides that. So that explains the scarcity of the show. When it’s played though, it is completely worth listening to.

    If you miss any of the episodes, you can download any of them on my website: http://www.matthewjbentley.com.

    I think that about covers it. As Jesus Christ begins to “Infiltrate Trance”…. I hope ya’ll have Happy Listening! And don’t forget what it’s all about. Him.



    Im thinking about throwing some hardcore in soon. I don’t understand how people disrespect hardcore because of the fast tempo when drum ‘n’ bass has the same tempo. It’s full of so much life and energy! Im talking UK hardcore now, not that happy, cheesy stuff with the really distorted kicks and the obvious chipmunk voices. Im talking some GOOD, SMACKING HARD-CORE. And I’m gonna play it soon. I don’t care. Hardcore till I die.

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    LOL Matt! Go ahead, change is great, though I don’t do it well. Play some slammin’ beatz! 8-)


    Oh, I shall indeed! You’ll be hearing some of my set at Epic Nightclub in March! The latter half is hardcore! :D


    Sorry I haven’t been really keeping this updated like I should… Anyhow, you can get tracklistings and Downloads of all my shows on http://www.matthewjbentley.com. Episode 008 introduces the Dubstep Track of the episode! Also, from now on, we will be picking a top 100 DJ every month to pray for. I’m excited for this new development in the show, and I know it will Be effective for the kingdom!!! May G-d get the glory!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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