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    This week on the show Ill be throwing out some breaks and house for the first hour and then back to some “bang your head” electro for the second hour. We will also be featuring a really good track by Dima. I havent really gotten too much response as far as getting mixes for the show so if you have a mix you would like to have aired on the show please send something my way. You can PM me or faith or you can send us an email at radio@godsdjs.com. We’ve got a good number of tracks from the producers but we need more mixes from the Dj’s. Also, I would love to have more people doing some voiceovers for Godsdjs for the show. If you have a mic and a way to record, say “Hi this is (your name here) and you are listening to Godsdjs”. Or whatever you want to say. Of course it will need to be approved by faith and I but well put it in. Again, I hope to see you guys in the chat room while your listening!



    Yay Breaks and house….me likie!! I will be listen to ya while I do homework :)


    Cool is this or the previous show going to be available as a download anywhere? I know it is streaming on the media player but I like to download things and listen to them in my car on my iPOD as opposed to on my computer at work or something like that.



    yup theres a direct download link in the other post :D


    Oh okay thanks downloading now….



    i added the direct connect links to your post at the top Gary… should help ppl connect easier without having to goto insoulwetrust.com

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    science drop

    The show was a smashing success again. We ended up with 18 people chatting at one point! It was absolutely nuts!!! The show is now available in the media player for your listening pleasure and here is the link for DL.


    And here is the tracklisting for the show:

    First Hour
    1.) Plump Djs – Rocket Soul
    2.) Evil Nine – They Live
    3.) Shifting Gears – Stanton Warriors Remix
    4.) Plump Djs – Ill Get You
    5.) Koma & Bones – Donkey Spanner (Rennie Pilgrem remix)
    6.) Hyper – BodyRok
    7.) Hyper vs Uberzone – Wubbie (Prototype Mix)
    8.) Mark Knight & Dirty South vs The Police – Black Spot On The Sun
    9.) Hi Tack – Silence (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
    10.) Incognet – My Side (Original Mix)
    11.) D’Azoo At Night – Day and Night (Original Mix)

    Second Hour
    1.) Golden Girls – Kinetic (Dave Spoon & Tv Rock Remix)
    2.) Chico del Mar – Burning heart (Crystal Rock Remix)
    3.) ElektroMayhem Ft. Jordan – Away From Me (Extended Electro Mix)
    4.) Chab feat JD Davis – Closer To Me (Phonjaxx Remix)
    5.) Dave Darell Feat. Hardy Hard – Silver Surfer (Cyrus Remix)
    6.) Wolfgang Gartner – Montezuma (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix)
    7.) Perfect Stranger – Stardust (Felguk Remix)
    8.) Jack Coleman – Elektrack (original mix)
    9.) DJ Falk – House Of God (Ericke Remix)
    10.) Kaskade – Step One Two
    11.) Ben DJ Feat. Sushy – Me & Myself (Wolfgang Gartner Club Mix)
    12.) Paul Johnson – Get Get Down 2008 (Laidback Luke Remix)




    Great MIX!!! Loved it!


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    yeah i listened to the mp3 and was pleasantly suprised big up


    Finally got a chance to listen to the show. Faith was right, science is a great DJ. Thanks for featuring my track.



    Told you :)

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