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    Whats up to all my brothers and sisters ! :) My name is the user name aka Mizpa, shouting out from Miami . Hey guys i wanted to do a big christian event just like ultra fest but even better because we going to worship the living king! i was at ultrA fest evangelizing people getting them turn to the lord , i was once a pookie head every bad thing you can think of and the lord is the only one that can change a person AMEN. I want to meet DJ from god and i know this is the place, iwant to do an fest a rave for christians , i make tracks but my dj skills im still working on it but i produce some good trance music etc.. i need some DJ for this event i want to make this happen , the lord gots this calling for me to do this , i been meeting people who is helping me out already with this project , i got people to invest money to make this come true .The event would be called JMF Jesus Music Fest , Yeah Bro, I just need some good DJ to perform for the kingdom and for the brothers and sister to enjoy who knows we might get lost souls and save them in the event, yea bro, any DJ interested email me kennyguzman99@yahoo.com, i love you all , God is GOOD the glory and the power. God bless you all



    welcome to GodsDJs. if your event ever gets beyond the planning stage please let us know and we will gladly supply some djs (-;

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    Wow I was just thinking the same thing if there was a Jesus music fest would be amazing!! I would so love to attend because I not far from Miami. I will definitely be looking out for it if it happens. I’m praying for god to bless this idea you have to make it happen! :)

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    Woop Woop! I am down bro! Imma DJ from Kansas City MO, But I am a Florida Native! I miss home! Lemme know if you get this thing together and I would love to be a part of it! Keep hittin’ Ultra fest! They need Jesus!

    Much Love

    P.S. PM Me sometime!

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    Hi Kenny,
    Sounds like a good idea that I would love to see happen. I am in Fort Lauderdale at Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale. I run the Oceans Edge School of Worship there. Check us out at http://www.oceansedgeschool.com. We teach Ableton at the school. Will Doggett, owner of LoopsinWorship.com and Ableton certified trainer works with me. We just started a Fort Lauderdale Ableton Users group that will meet at the church soon. We should hook up and talk. We have a huge show at the church this week you will see on the school website. There is some electro portions of the show. Maybe you could come up to FTL.

    Regardless, lets talk.

    doug Farrar

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