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    Received this from my friend’s website/newsletter ministry. Hope it blesses you all.

    By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    (Adapted from The C.H. Spurgeon Collection, Ages Software)

    “Jesus only.” Mark 9:8

    We were born fools and we shall continue fools till we go to Heaven—and one of the foolish things that will always be sprouting out of us is our wanting to put something else with Christ in the matter of our justification. You tell me you never do that, but I am sure you do. You may be the most enlightened and intelligent saint, but, unconsciously to yourself, you will be very often joining something to Christ and setting up an antichrist in your soul. How often does even the most orthodox preacher give utterance to sentiments which seem to militate against the great Truth of God that Christ Jesus is our only justifying righteousness! It is a hard thing to stick fast by this great fundamental Truth— “Jesus only” as the rock and foundation of our salvation. Remember, Christian, that the meritorious cause of your salvation is not in the least degree dependent upon yourself—it is dependent on “Jesus only.” Your responsibility is now merged in the Divine responsibility of Christ on your behalf.

    The Lord Jesus has covenanted for you that— “He will present your soul, Unblemished and complete Before the glory of His face, With joys divinely great.” O Beloved, always hang your confidence where it ought to hang— on, “Jesus only!” and when you find yourself full of sin and wickedness, grieve over it, but do not think that the ground of your hope is one whit the less firm for all that. When sin prevails and guilt rises, remember that as your righteousness cannot make Christ’s righteousness any better, so your sin cannot make it any worse—and, clothed in His righteousness, though black with sin, you may, with deep repentance, yet with holy faith, cry—

    “When from the dust of death I rise, To take my mansion in the skies, Even then shall this be all my plea, ‘Jesus has lived and died for me.’ Bold shall I stand in that great day, For who anything to my charge shall lay, While through Christ’s blood absolved I am, From sin’s tremendous curse and shame?”

    And, then, will you please remember that all your good works do not make you any safer? If you were to die the moment you believed and never did a good work at all, you Would be as sure of Heaven as you would be if you lived to love and serve your Maker with all your soul and all your might! Remember that the saint who lives from day to day, devoting all to Christ, spending and being spent in His Master’s service, has more happiness than the saint who is not so full of love, but he is not a whit more secure. Be active and you will be happy—but do not be active in order to be safe! The heir of Heaven is no more secure when he is abundant in good works and diligent in the service of God, so far as his ultimate salvation is concerned, than when he is allowed to backslide and to become faint and weak in the cause of God, for our security lies not in Anything that we do, or do not do—it lies only in the Covenant of Free and Sovereign Grace. And the only basis of our salvation is Christ who died for us, “yes, rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.”

    I want you also to remember that all your sufferings do not make you any safer. They make you better, by God’s Grace, but they do not make you any surer of Heaven. They are not meritorious afflictions! Persons often misjudge concerning their troubles—they think that they are punishments for sin. Let the child of God remember that God never punishes His children for sin! He chastises them for it, but never with the penal punishment of a lawgiver! God’s people were punished, once and for all, in the Person of their Scapegoat and Surety, Jesus Christ—and God will never punish twice for the same offense. The chastisements of God’s Providence are the fatherly acts of His love—they are not the wrathful acts of His justice! As the righteous Judge, God cannot punish either you or me, if we are believers in Jesus. As holding the scepter of righteousness, He cannot unsheathe the sword against a Believer! He has punished our sins upon the Lord Jesus—the whole of the vials of His wrath were emptied on Christ’s head—and they cannot now come on yours or mine. But, as a Father, God uses the rod. As a loving and tender Father, He uses chastisements and, as a kind Physician, He gives us bitter medicines to take.

    But, for your own sake, and for Christ’s sake, dear Brothers and Sisters do not get to mingle your own sufferings with the Savior’s. Remember, if you suffered ever so much, all your sufferings would not be any atonement for your sins, or even a punishment for them unless you are one of those who are not redeemed and, therefore, bear the penalty of your own sin and perish everlastingly! But, as a child of God, as a redeemed And elect vessel of mercy, your sufferings are not penal and, suffer or not suffer, the Atonement of Christ is enough for you—you, by God’s Grace, can say, “Jesus only is the ground of my justification. I will rest there and nowhere else.” And now I will ask you, Beloved, do you not frequently find when you have been in a very good frame of mind, when you have been praying well at the Prayer Meeting and helping the poor, when the minister has patted you on the back and said what a good fellow you were, and the deacons have looked lovingly at you and said you were a very useful man, and when you have got on well at Sunday school, and have had a letter from Mary James, telling you that she was converted through your teaching—do you not find that you have gone home and you do not know how it was, but, in a day or two, you got so dull and low, you could not tell what was the matter with you? Have you ever thought what the cause of it was? You feel you have lost all your hope and confidence and you have been obliged to come, as a guilty sinner, to the footstool of Christ’s mercy and take His love and blood to be your only trust. Do you know why it was you were so low in spirit?

    It was for this reason. Unconsciously to yourself, you had been leaning a little on your own good works! You had said to yourself, “Well, now, I really begin to think I am sure of Heaven. Look, are not these things the fruits of the Spirit? Oh, may I not rejoice with confidence? Am I not secure? Surely, now I am safe! How I prayed the other day! What a blessed season I had in private prayer the other evening! Now I know I can trust Christ.” Stop, my Friend! You are really saying, “I know I can now trust in myself,” for that is the English of it! And then you get into a heavy, dull frame of mind for a long time afterwards, only to make you spell out those two words, “Jesus only.” And He will make you spell them out until you are bound to say, every day, by a constraint upon your heart and conscience that it must be there and there, alone, that you can put your confidence and trust!


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