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    I dream of a better world,
    But the world is evil,
    I dream of a better life,
    But my life is feeble,
    I dream of happy endings,
    But my nightmares are sending,
    Me over the edge,
    I pledge my eyes,
    To fight the good fight,
    But my eyes can’t see past,
    The dark of night,
    Of truth and lies,
    What’s false must die,
    I can’t predict the future,
    So why should I try,
    If I sleep too long,
    I’ll be gone so,
    Tell me whats wrong,
    And I’ll sing you a song,
    To make the pain go away,
    As long as it is today,
    I will find a way,
    To Love my God,
    And not be afraid,
    Do you think,
    If we wake up,
    From this unnecessary slumber,
    That perhaps we’ll,
    Get some work done,
    And not go under,
    The spell of poverty,
    That’s griping us all,
    I walk tall among-st the giants,
    And I am small in the midst of God,
    So tell me now is there a difference,
    Between sleeping and dreaming,
    Or have I just lost all control,
    My Goal is to find,
    Something worth living for,
    Of Coarse there’s God,
    And He comes first,
    But lips and stomach have a thirst,
    To do something great with my life,
    Maybe it’s too late to be best of best,
    But I don’t see why I,
    Can’t rise above the rest,
    Yes oh Yes I do love glory,
    So I’m just going to keep dreaming,
    For a better end to the story,
    Peace and harmony can prevail,
    And I’d rather be disabled than to,
    End up in jail, so nail me to a tree,
    And call me cursed but it’s better,
    Than a nightmare that’s unrehearsed,
    Maybe in justice I’m not that well versed,
    And when it comes to sin I am the worst,
    Tell me now do you believe in dreams,
    If I we’re a profit I’d know it all means,
    So if you want my advice,
    I’d say sleep with you eyes open,
    And don’t be a wolf,
    Just focus on good,
    And read a book.

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