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    Still needs finer details tended to like effects for part introductions, and then mastering.

    But what you guys think? Haven’t been able to find any UK Hardcore styled EDM anywhere, and the area where I’ve been doing some personal work with younger generation of lads (18-25′s) and trying to spark EDM Worship events is primarily hard dance/hardcore.

    Broken a few of the rules of the genre but thats fine, its Worship Harcore so it’s allowed :)

    Personally enjoy listening back over the breakdowns since their pretty long for a Hardcore track and instead of a cut down 2nd breakdown, slipped in a whole new breakdown of same length as first. Major rule breaker for the UK Hardcore rules is also its length, this is a massive track by UK Hardcore standards, most top at about 6/7 minutes and even thats rare, this things 11 minutes long, and deserves to be!

    Constructive feedback? Think this style can pickup?

    EDIT: Updated soundcloud link with newer version which has been mixed down, and also mastering done, now time to get the other 6 unfinished projects done…

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