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    Hey here is my list of my collection of my stuff.

    -First and foremost.
    What you need to do is get an account. I know some people are like “Pft what ever” but I cannot stress how awesome these guys are. At LEAST 2 gig of free samples.
    Once you have an account you click on a sample pack. On the left side of the page it will say download free samples. Click it. ( NOTE not all packs have sample downloads [mainly the preset ones don't] but as I said at least 2 gig of a huge variety of genres. Definitely look at these guys )

    -Next would be the second most awesome guys.
    Again you will need an account, but it’s worth every second of it. 8 FREE sample PACKS. 1 Fx Pack and 7 packs of Drum One Shots. I recently downloaded them and I was like “Wow 0_0″

    These guy are like loopmasters. You need an account but once you do you get heaps of free samples ( click on the pack then scroll down till you see a download free samples button )

    Is having an easter egg hunt. They are giving 106 megabites of free drum samples.

    TAL makes awesome vsts and vsti. ‘TAL NoiseMaker’ Is one of my favorite synths I suggest you look at that and the rest of there free products

    These guys do a heap of every thing. Free. Though I would suggest Ichy Dubstep Vsti.

    Glitch Vst. It is made to give the effect of Glitching.

    AM KarBass. I havn’t play with this much but with what I have I can tell that it’s half decent.

    Meddle http://rekkerd.org/boris-k-releases-meddle-vsti/
    LaserBlade http://www.kvraudio.com/product/laserblade_by_hg_fortune
    Boyh Vsti worth lookin at.

    Ok thanks for your time. Hope it helps and I will proboly will be updating this once in a while.
    (Note all the links above should be 100% Legal )

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