Maybe to much??

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    THere you can find a track with vocals of pastor Ron.
    I got this vocals from a remix pack from Karl Forde, at the time i didn’t liked it to much but now i used them anyway?
    The to much is aiming at the message and the distortion i used.
    I trew it out at some friends and they did not seem to like it that much.
    So i ask you guys your opinion!
    let me know, it’s a kind of hardtrance.



    dude, honeslty i really liked the main part of the track. the beat and the melody are really tight. the vocals are cool to but yea…maybe a bit over done. i wouldnt scrap this track though it has to much potential…its very mains stream sounding maybe a bit older but still nice…kinda sounds like tiesto a bit.

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    just a little more tweeks and your there, I always look forward to your production :mrgreen:

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