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    hi, My name is Eder Oliveira aka Kiddush .
    the means of Kiddush is the blessed over the wine , it is a pray recited on friday evening the come of shabbath . Today has many temple messianic in USA that is a community of Jews and Non Jews beleivers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah , I like to share some thought about.
    Many and many Jews started to beleive again in the Yeshua the Messiah , in my on experience they don’t have more to be blind , because theyr are very inteligente and study much the torah and the bible if they read the New covenant for sure they will see Yeshua in the torah in many parts.

    so I hope i can share somenthing of important about the Messianic Jewshi .

    Baruch Ha-shem!


    It’s great that a revival is taking place within the Jewish community. But I would disagree with you about intelligence. It’s not intelligence that makes a dead person alive in Christ, it’s Holy Spirit. So even the most intelligent person in the world will not understand the Biblical truth without the Holy Spirit.



    hey kid, we are so glad to have you here and that you are a Messianic Jew! Please feel free to share with us all of what the Lord is doing in your community!


    i think theres a language barrier here…i don’t think he meant to say what he said exactly.

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    I will try to write all about my experience , but the Englsih it’s my third language so some mistake will appear in the text :

    I like what the first commenter said about inteligent , i mean Inteligent it’s somenthing we gain with our desire to be conected with the light, and with many work we can find Wisdom …
    But The Holy spirit it’s somenthing we need receive from the Lord , Like “Betzalel wich receive directly from the Lord God The spirit of Wisdon , Knowledge, and Understand to building the tabernaculo “, The Holy spirit(ruach Hakodesh) it’s called The divine Inspiration or the Holy wind, the Other side (Wisdom) Chackmah is pure nonverbal thought.
    Anyway is very difficult to experience pure , nonverbal thought .

    Like the Proverbs said “the wisdon is the Begining of Fear of the Lord “
    the most important for us is to understand our on spiritual paths (individual) to find the purpose of my life at earh


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    Josiah Fingaz

    Thanks for sharing that man. The Lord has urged me to begin practicing silent prayer. “Be still and know that I am God.” Really in order to fully worship in fulness is to be silent. Don’t get me wrong. There is a time of exoltation and shouting his praises. But what can our words do to magnify Him who cannot be magnified anymore than He already is? This is why when the glory hit people fell as if dead. There is a place of worship where only silence will let you enter. Selah.

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    Amen brother. Fellowshipping with the Holy Ghost without words is awesome, to where the fellowship transcends human language.

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    it’s thru sometimes you just meditate in the Glory ,and the majesty of The Lord , it’s like your soul trancend all the emanations , trough all skys above … when you do direction your mind straight to the God, no any other thought than to search God in haven i Think yes you can worship in silence Why no..

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    Digital Aura

    WOw…having Kiddush here is like opening a TREASURE CHEST… just, great stuff man!
    Love your deep line of thinking! WOW.
    Keep it coming! I love hearing the truth of GOd from a (Messianic) Jewish perspective!


    Good word.

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    well, Solomon wrote the first twenty-nine chapters in Proverbs and penned Ecclesiastes-book identified as biblical wisdon literature. Proverbs consists of thirty-one chapters, the last two added by an unknown person (perhaps King Hezequiah). The proverbs teach practical wisdon principles for daily living. Throughout the book, three words or (channel) are consistently emphasized: Knowledge (DAAT) is mentioned forty-three times, understanding(BINAH) is referred to fifty-five times, and the word wisdon (CHOCKMAH) is emphasized fifty-four times. These three Key or CHannel,words unlock Solomon’s wisdon doors for spiritual, emotional, mental and financial increase. this is three channel transform a average person to above average .

    first : Chockmah (wisdon)
    second: Binah (understand)
    third is not considerable a channel but it’s in between chockmah and binah
    Daat (knowledge)

    on the top of Chockmah it is the Keter (crown) it’s the sheckinah (the feminine aspect of God)

    so for us education, and teache can impart Knowledge by reading books of the ancestrals or the beginnigs generation, this were tauch to generation to another …

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    on the top of Chockmah it is the Keter (crown) it’s the sheckinah (the feminine aspect of God)

    Just wondering what you mean by these

    Avatar of Kiddush

    Grafite , first i go try to talk about the Keter (Crown).
    The highest faculty in man is will. This corresponds to first cause in creation lets say like that Keter .(crown)
    To describe God, it would be tempting to say that He is pure Will. This would be very much like saying that God is “spirit” , or that He is “love” , since all such descripitions attempt do depict God in terms of human traits.
    If any human trait were to be used, however, it should be will since this is the highest of all human faculties.
    If we would say that God is pure Will, however, then we would be saying that he is identical with Keter , Keter however, is merely channel it’s somenthing create by God and inferior to Him.We not even say that God is pure will. Even Will is among His creations, and inferior to Him. therefore, there is no word that can be used to describe God’s essence.

    When the Bible make use of any of these qualities in relation to God, it is speaking of created by God, and not the Creator Himself.

    Love (chesed) , Gevurah (strength) Tiferet (Beauty)
    this three channel is below to the other i told before …
    remenber we study many books of old centurys , this idea come from Abraham the patriarch …
    Because Abrahan is the first to descovery the way to reach the creator , He is the Father of Faith, Abrahan means ABA (Father) HAM (Supernal) means he is the Father of our Soul , then When God speak Abrahan in the Bible He’s talking with our soul …

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