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    I was invited to play two sets to open and close for Manafest for an outreach event in Ottawa Canada. I love playing christian tracks at outreach events cuz you never know who’s gonna get the message straight into their hearts.
    Manafest is an amazing artist and although his style has gone from more of a sample raiding hiphop kid to rap-punk rock thrillster (its a word I invented you heard it hear first) his ministry is Gospel centered and kids get saved cuz of his testimony.

    This is the Opener its basically Lecrae vs. Dubstep.
    I didn’t mean to have so many Lecrae tracks. He’s my favourite rapper right now cuz he’s serious into his theology mang. His cuts fit and they are so ever clear in their message. as for the mix itself I like the Emalkay drop…its massive and I love the part where Lecrae raps over the tetris theme…waaaaah…its so steezy!

    1. Lecrae – Sold out
    2. Emalkay – When I Look at you (Sduk edit)
    3. Canton Jones ft. Messenja – Swagg & Pose
    4. Lecrae – Rebel Intro
    5. Dubfiend – Tetris
    6. Lecrae – Got Paper
    7. Joker – Psychedelic Runway
    8. Lecrae – Death Story

    Well don’t just sit there and read this thinkn i’m crazy, dl it fool!


    quote of the mix:

    you got money you got paper?
    so what? who cares?
    I got Jesus, Baby!!




    I know some of you guys been downloading this mix

    lemme know if you like it.
    if you shared it with a friend
    if you would share it with your unsaved friends



    I just downloaded will comment asap.

    Ok, I just downloaded. Skimming though. Sounds awesome. Though its not really dubstep enough..Its more just a hiphop mix with dubstep undertones. The only real dubstep part is, When I look at you.

    I still like it a lot. Just add some more deep base wobble songs in there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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