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    So I asked the Lord, who SHE really is? His answer took me to another level. The Lord said:

    SHE is EVA, One of a Kind.
    The first Queen of Eden.
    Begotten and not made.

    SHE is the talk of Paradise, the pride of Paradise.
    The First of the FE- LINE kind.
    FELINE, I asked the Lord looking puzzled.

    He said Yes my son, SHE is the first of the FEMALE line of the Adam Kind.
    SHE is the promise, the hope and the fulfillment of the ADAM race!

    HERS the WOMB of promise, the scepter dangles upon her tender wrist.
    She is a co-heir to the original promise made in Heaven.
    SHE is the holder of the POWER that shifts the Earth.
    SHE is the Life giver, LOVE Giver & JOY giver to the Adam kind.
    SHE is the LIFE Saver, the Care Giver, the hand that balances the cradle of human kind.

    HERS the womb that gives life like no other can.
    SHE is unique, delicate, infinite, until the world ends you will never uncover all that SHE is!

    SHE is a wife, a Mother, a Sister, my servant whom I love & made.
    SHE wears the crown that ADAM should celebrate, everyday!

    No WOMAN no ADAM!
    No ADAM, no HOPE!

    SHE is the ONLY hope of Adam. SHE is the bone of Adam’s BONE and the FLESH of Adam’s flesh. They were one that was made into two only to be reunited back into ONE again.

    Then He said; For this reasons and much, much more. Adam MUST leave all his people and Go find this one SPECIAL, UNIQUE creature of my joy and affection. SHE is my delight!”

    Dear friends,
    If it bothers you that God is so affectionate, sweet and tender toward His creation who you know as WIFE, SISTER OR DAUGHTER, then you don’t really know yet who the FATHER is.

    May you come to know Him even more & come to appreciate His PRECIOUS WOMEN even more. I pray that from today you will see your WIFE and DAUGHTERS in a different light. I do!
    Bishop JSS Hopewell
    Email: bishophopewell@yahoo.com

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