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    It’s by Perrianne Brownback. It’s about how the church is missing a great opprotunity to reach the present generations and how the church misses out on reaching culture. It mainly deals with Post Modernism which is what the world is in now. We are part of that culture because we were raised in it. But when you read her insights I know your heart will jump for joy.

    Here is a good example she presents:

    “THE WORLD is to CULTURE (on a coporate level) as
    THE FLESH is to HUMANITY (on an individual level)

    We proclaim a humanity-affirming Gospel! We are not some Augustinian idealists who say that all the activities related to life on earth are dirty! In fact, we believe that God comes to us through Christ to complete, redeem, and fulfill our humanity only as He can. He does so by breaking the power of the flesh-the selfish attempt to address human longing through our own grabbing and stabbing. Most christians would agree with my theology so far. But, magnify that view across the collective conciousness and take another look. What is culture but collective humanity? Yes, the world and culture intersect and share territory, but the Gospel is well able to complete and fulfill the deeper longings of a culture, just as it does for humanity. And, it will do so by disarming and defeating THE WORLD, thereby freeing all the misdirected worshiop in the culture to flow to the living God! Culture is simply searching humanity-the collective quest for meaning.”

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