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    This is a hard thing for me to write. I am just now back at my apartment after finding my father dead yesterday. He had been having a hard time sleeping so he got the VA to prescribe him a sleep aid. I awoke at 7:30am to him yelling for help because he had fallen in the living room. I helped him up into his wheelchair which he wanted to sit in because of pain in his back, he usually sleeps in a recliner which is the only way he can lay down because of rheumatoid arthritis but he had been having a different pain. He said he had slept for a while then went out to the living room but was groggy which I thought nothing of, just thought it was due to the sleep med. After getting him situated I went back to bed. When I woke up at around noon, I went to do my usual routine, make lunch, get ready for work etc. After saying something to him and shaking him a bit it hit me all too hard that something was wrong. I was hoping it was a coma because his eyes were half open. But after calling 911 and the EMS hooking a machine to test the vitals it became all too clear he was gone :(

    I know I had posted about being frustrated but want to reiterate I meant no harm to him. I loved him deeply. It was just stress from having a lot to shoulder. This was not the way I wanted him to leave my apartment. Going to have the viewing Saturday, funeral Sunday.

    Thanks for your support and prayers peeps.

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    Mike….I am so sorry man. I am praying for you and your family. Mike, I know you had frustrations with him, but you gave him a place for a long time and helped him for a long time. Im sure your father is looking down on you in great pleasure for everything you did for him. He is better now. We love you man! Let me know if there is anything I can do.

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    man, I will keep you in my prayers. I am too saddened to hear this, love goes out to you dude. God will be your strength in time of need. My uncle a year ago passed in a similar way and we arrived minutes after he had passed.



    oh man, mike this is aweful. if there is anything we can do to help man let us know. my mom passed away a year ago next month and im so thankful that i was able to be there when she passed. looking back at this in the future i know that you’ll be glad that you were able to take care of your dad as much as you did and im sure he was / is very proud of you and grateful for that.


    my condolences, man.


    Wow yeah death of a parent is hard at any age and at anytime. On the morbid subject my Dad passed away 3 year ago today. It’s hard and you will grieve and hurt for a while but your Dad and his ideas, his thoughts, what he taught you will live on. Praying for ya.

    Lord please bless Mike. Help him and comfort him in his time of loss and grief. Help him know that you oh Lord are there for him. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.



    Dude I am soooo sorry man! I pray God holds you tight now, and you know that your Dad knew you cared deeply for him you were there for him through it all!

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    Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. The viewing and funeral went well thanks to God and my dads pastor and the wonderful funeral home directors. The funeral was Sunday it did help for closure at least a little. I’ll provide more details later. At my apartment now and about to leave. On a good note I am typing on my laptop:) Got it set up.

    Thanks again peeps.

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