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    Hey guys, I really really want your prayers right now for my life. I have been going through some serious thinking about my life and it’s kind of turned negative and sort of has me almost depressed. I’m trying to pray for being positive, but it seemed to backfire (how can that happen??) on me.

    Plus I’m not making hardly any money, and I’m facing maybe giving my car back to the dealership. I need a good job, and I need it right now. I’m also considering moving to Egypt to get married to a really wonderful Christian lady, but I’ll also need to have job prospects over there. It’s not an easy time for me right now, and I feel really confused.

    Thanks for all your prayers,



    Hey man you know I am and will keep doing so! Try listening to positive music it really helps me when I pray.

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    will do.

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    I’ll definately pray for u. i went throught some rough times right when I was learning more about Jesus and what I did was look for profesional help and keep on learning of God, I praised him every day and night especially all the time I traveled in my car with christian music and christian radio stations, beleived in Him and not so much on a miracle and He saw my heart and in the end cured me of a chronic mental illness. So keep ur head up and do what u gotta do to get out of this but remember to recognize that He is in control all the time and will never abandon u cuz u r one of His Sons. God bless!

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    science drop

    Hey J, I just read this and I dont know whats goin on with you at this point but I feel the need to tell you to start your study of psalms, or Kings…… Your recent interest in studying David is what God is trying to show you. Im sorry if Im way off, thats just what I feel God is trying to show you. Let me know if theres anything I can do to help. (really, Im not just saying that)

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