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    Hey my peole of the faith. : ) I began a record label and just had my first release. Please check it out and enjoy. Download if you can and support a Christian Electronic label. God bless you all. Take care.

    “click the pic”

    And yes, I named my label after the Great Samson of the Old Testament. I love this story so much because it reminds me of the type of man I am, not perfect. Having blessing from God, strength in different ways, and yet weaknesses as well, weakness to women. Samson was one of the strongest men of the Ancient times, and yet, a woman was able to take his strength. Yet, being that Samson realized his fall and being that our awesome Father is a merciful and loving God, he gave the fallen hero one last burst of great energy, to bring down the temple of the enemy. Because our God does forgive, and that is one of the reasons he sent the greatest hero centuries later. Amen.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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