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    Hey you can call me Belle I’m from Australia and I love trance music!

    Unfortunatley alot of the artists out there promote Gnosticism or New age beliefs etc.

    I have been torn because I love euphoric music but was raised to belive its the devils music. My parents are ministers but when I was a teen I rebelled and got heavily into the dance scene in the 90′s most of which are a blur, and I ended up a single mum. My family wrote me off as lost etc. But then God took ahold of my heart six years ago and brought me back to life. He showed me true love and told me he has a plan for my life. He gave me love, a purpose, a reason to live.

    Though i rededicated my life to him i felt so torn because I still love trance music, and yet im constantly told its evil!

    So ive been listening to it secretly, and thinking wondering if God approved etc. I also love sci fi movies but again the old religious teachings that Hollywood is evil and we should never watch anything to do with Hollywood even if the message is a good one i.e good winning over evil.

    I felt soo guilty and prayed to God about it. Then God started working on my heart. To me this whole seperation, the world vs us thing didnt make sense. Of course we are not to be like them but we are living in the world, so why wouldn’t christians be in movies, trance music etc? Why does there have to be christians over to one side and the unsaved on the other side. Why can’t the christians go into the world of the unsaved and carry the kingdom within them into the darkness to be light!? Why are there so many Christians who set up kingdoms on earth and totally make a big deal about seperating thsemlves from the world in a physical sense when we have the kingdom inside?! It’s not about what you wear or what you look like its about your heart! A goth can love Jesus, a leather clad biker can serve Jesus, a trance dj can serve Jesus, a preppy buisness dude can too but that is not what is taught. I have a tatoo and christians ask me oh did you get that done before you were saved as if its a sin to have a tatoo, or a sin to dye your hair. I went into a church once where three women came over and got in my face (literally) and stared at me musing over my makeup like I was some kind of alien! They looked me up and down, I was wearing respectable clothes but hot pink lipstick and my tatoo was showing. I felt so judged like I was some dirty scum bag.

    It boggled my mind because we are seperated because of Jesus in us but even Jesus ate with sinners, so he could bring them truth, he touched lepers, he went into the homes of unbelivers and healed them! He didn’t set up a little kingdom and said hey this is us, ok you sinners over there, if you want to be saved then you must come over to our litle group or be doomed! No! He went to where they were! He showed them his love in their homes, their towns etc.

    So I was wondering why are we not doing that!? All of this was swimming around in my heart for a while.

    Then God said to me what makes you think I don’t have my people in Hollywood or in other places like it?

    I said well it’s evil etc. He said so you think that I would just step back and let the devil run Hollywood without any input? Of course then I knew what I had been taught was ridiculous. He said I have producers, directors, actors who are of me, who will not compromise working behind the scenes in Hollywood. He said I even have people in Obamas office who are MINE.

    He said you will be surprised how many off my people are out there, serving me, in many fields.

    Then loads of scriptures started coming to me and I understood them for the first time. He sends out his people as sheep among wolves, but he is with them always. The purpose is not to hide under a bushel or set up a kingdom here, it is to go out into all the world and let him shine through us in whatever capactity he sees fit. If God wants to give someone the gift of music producing and a passion for trance music of course he can brring his message through them even in a nightclub. In fact that is where christians should be, in the darknest of places there he light should be. We shouldn’t look at the darkness and say oh no im not going there look at what happened to Jonah when he tried to do that. What I was feeling in my heart for so long was finally confirmed by him.

    So I tested this word and searched for people who are in Hollywood that don’t just say oh hey im Christian but who are really HIS. I found lots, including a Baldwin brother and the woman who produced Free Willy, even DMX has given his heart to the Lord though he struggles I belive his heart is true for Jesus.

    So of course God can have his people in nightclubs as dj’s, even trance dj’s. Again I began my search and here I am, I found people like me who love the Lord, who will not compromise who have gifts that God is using to bring his light into the world.

    I interpret dreams and was ohhhh so condemned for interpreting non christians dreams. But you know sonething those non christians were so much more respectful and open to hearing the truth than the alot of the christians were. In fact because of their dreams I was able to minister the word of God to them without shoving it down their throat! A few people who were complete atheists were stunned by their interpretations started to re-evaluate their thinking.

    I love Jesus and I was to use that love to show others who havent experienced how wonderful he is! So thank you for standing up for the truth, thank you for loving the lost, thank you for using your wonderful gifts to glorify the truth and bring Jesus light to the lost! Jesus loves you and is proud of you because your doing what loads of others wont. No fear, no hiding, just sharing the gifts inside, gloryifying God by loving one another so much we would walk among thorns, we would journey into the darkness so we can rescue those who are lost, turn on that light, show them the way, allowing him to do his work through us for them, trusting him is the greatest compliment we can give.

    God told me worship is EVERYTHING, everything you do or say is a form of worship. When you love people more than you love your comfort zone to go out and give them Jesus you are worshiping him. When you use your words to speak truth you are worshiping him. Worship is not confined by walls, time, space, music genre etc.


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    Hi Belle

    Thank you for your encouraging and wise post! Sounds like you have been through a lot – but God never let go of you and that’s His eternal promise for you.

    I’n new to cedm – but like you, I believe God created music, dance, laughter and joy. If we surrender music and creativity its like throwing God’s gifts away! I’d prefer to reclaim them for Him!

    God Bless You!

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