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    I just discovered this site and got warmly welcomed by DJbladez and Sciencedrop.

    I’m with a company that recently started spawning EDM (Trance, Electro, Hardstyle, and pop…forgive us for the latter!). All tracks have Bible-inspired lyrics.

    I’ve been looking for people to give us some feedback on the tracks.

    If you want, please check http://www.DoubleDutchOfficial.com and http://soundcloud.com/double-dutch and let me know what your thoughts are. (there are two versions of “the Fall”, a trance track)

    We are here to serve you by blending a RAD message with a RAW base!


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    science drop

    Ruben! Glad you joined man. Got to listen to the tracks. REALLY solid work! Great tunes! The voice on the Electro track, he’s got a great voice for EDM, up there with some of the best!



    hey man welcome to Godsdjs.com! really diggin your tracks too :D

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    Very nice work, I Love the voices, good singers and really good voices for Trance and the other genres, the melodies are awesome, in general good tracks, they only need a little mastering work on some of the elements like kick durms, and leads.

    Keep it up bro, nice work

    Alejandro Cesar

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    Welcome man! Cool tracks. What software did you use for your production?

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    AWWWWW YEAAAA. Proper material, very good work and great vocals. I’m loving the production, the lyrics, and the vocals. All very top-notch. Keep up the excellent work.


    Wow…thanks for the kind words guys!

    By the way, here’s the EP booklet: http://tinyurl.com/dd-booklet

    Graphite412: Thanks. I know the guys use Ableton & Nexus2
    Audicid: thanks man!
    djrodimus: thanks a ton. I replied to your email.
    sciencedrop: thanks as well. Replied to your email as well.
    Alejandro: Thanks! Yeah, the soundcloud ones are all the unmastered version. The mastered ones are night&day different when it comes to being crisp! (They’re here for now: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-purpose-of-life-ep/id347466621 )

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    Digital Aura

    Hi Ruben, welcome…

    what does this mean.. I’m not following you… what does your company do?

    @DoubleDutchManager wrote:

    … recently started spawning EDM …All tracks have Bible-inspired lyrics.

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    Ohh Yes DobleDutch I see its a big difference on the mastered ones, nice album man, I think i’m going to include some of this tracks in my mixes, i am so happy more professional work is coming in the Christian EDM genres. who does the mastering? is it something you do also or you send your tracks to someone else?


    Digital Aura: thanks for your warm welcome! Sorry for the confusion…I meant to say our company is now also publishing EDM.

    Alejandro: Thanks so much. It is our goal to create high-quality EDM. Mastering is done by a Dutch mastering company. We like to outsource it, just to have people with a different perspective give their input. Let me know when you use the tracks, I’d love to have a listen!


    The Master is killer track!

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    Hey DobleDutch Manager,

    Tonight Im playing the Song the Purpose Of Life in my Radio Show I hope you can come and listen, tell everybody, will be the second track in my mix, and Im playing one of my productions too, the Song Gracias, (Thank you). my set will be at 9:00 pm CST the show starts at 8 pm, project 7 goes in the first hour, Im not sure abour the time there, maybe its 3 am well, the track sounds good in the set, here is teh link I hipe you can come and listen.


    ALejandro Cesar


    Dmitry: thanks man, I’ll let the guys know.

    Alejandro: thanks for playing the track man…appreciate it! I hope I can get the chance to tune in…if not, is there a place to download it afterwards? If you want to be added to the promo list, let us know through our contact page ( http://www.DoubleDutchOfficial.com ). Thanks again man.


    Just heard our contact form got disconnected for some reason…if anyone asked for promos over the last week, it did not come in.

    My apologies. Please message me your email address and who you are and do and such through this forum. Again, my apologies for the inconvenience.

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    Rebel Planet (Club Mix) sounds like it has ducks in it in the beginning lol. For my first hardcore track I should put some duck quacks in it :) . It sounds good!!!

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