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    really not one has said any thing ever ?


    The first clip..Loving the ambient atmosphere. Though, I feel something is a bit..off..?? or something when the drums kick.

    2nd one is my favorite..Though I think there needs to be a little more deeper base line or base kicks. Other then that..Awesome.

    3rd one. I was digging the baseline at all. I like your ambient back grounds though. Keep that for sure. Though, overall. Its your baby, and I dont want you changing it if you dissagree. This is just my honest 2 cents ;)


    The first song is not off beat, its glitched and its on the grid the bass has three notes it sound like four notes but its three, what your are thinking of is 1 2 3 4 beat when its like 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3 4, ect but its not like a loop and the shuffling and glitching are trowing you off beat i did not post this in drum and bass it was moved here when its not drum and bass

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    I am new here, but you and I know each other already.. I love all your stuff; we are birds of a feather.

    That said, there really is no genre here for our kind of music.. I either have to post in “Dubstep” where people who don’t like Skrillex will never hear it (or I might get get criticized for not sounding like Skrillex), or in breaks, which really doesn’t describe my stuff.

    The best way would be for all the music to be posted in one area, with the genre posted in the title. Until then, I will just post in “Progressive” or “Trance” or “House”.. for maximum exposure! :D


    I know now because i said the the same things about the tags on Knyte’s page
    i did not know he was using it like that i thought he was using it for the wrong purposes
    but he told me ect ect so ok : )
    and Wavedude and Knyte get alot of hate comments and messages on there music so that means that thay are doing some thing right Mark 13:13 and yes i am ready for the hate comments when i put more music up every time i upload any thing (new music coming soon!) : )
    and i did not say i hate dubstep i was not talking bad about the artist’s
    but check out Knyte https://www.youtube.com/user/JKnighticus/videos

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    dude! Thats some crazy unique stuff! i love it! like seriously i would buy that on itunes! i am not sure what you could change if you redid them. except i am not sure if you mastered them or not but i would love to know how you make your stuff man! its quality!

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    i am am listening to all of your songs for like the third time! i really want to know what you do to make them.!!!!


    will it would be a long talk lol
    and yeah i am going to get some new songs old/new songs for me that have been burning on my hard drive for years lol


    i put up a new track on sound cloud its the last link


    i put up a new track on sound cloud its the last link
    another one


    Another song done!(last link)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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