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    Hey all, stopping in to introduce myself and ask a question.

    I help lead worship in a band in a relatively large church (approx. 2500 on campus on Sunday mornings). We have three services with two different formats…two are more “traditional” w/choir and orchestra. I am in the band for the “contemporary” service (have been since inception of that service 5 years ago); most of the time I have played lead/electric guitar. For a while, we were pretty much standard rock-style contemporary worship–guitars, bass, drums; like most CCM-type worship you would hear on mainstream Christian radio.

    About a year and a half ago, we were really feeling like so much music in our culture is headed a different direction. So much of the music on mainstream radio airplay is much more electronic-based over the past couple of years. So we have been trying to incorporate that into our live worship sets. Although I had a background playing piano, synth and electronic music was new to me. I have spent the last year and a half learning as much as possible about EDM.

    Over the past year and a half, I have put together a serviceable live rig. I have a Macbook with Reaper, Vanguard and Komplete Elements 7 that I use live with a MIDI board. For hardware, I have a Virus B rackmount, a Roland SH 201, a Kort Trinity rackmount, a Yamaha MM6, and a Korg Electribe ES1.

    So far, we have gotten really positive feedback from congregation members on the EDM-type sets. I tend to use techno and trance styles for faster songs, and trance and chillout for slower songs. The challenge that I have is that with our band leadership, anything we do has to be COMPLETELY flexible on the fly. As a result, using any kind of prerecorded tracks is out. This has made it a little bit of a challenge trying to adapt some EDM styles to purely live performance, no prerecorded elements.

    I would love to hear from anyone who is doing EDM styles in a live worship setting. I would also love if anyone can point me to any albums, church websites, Youtube vids etc. of anyone leading EDM worship. Part of the challenge is that 100% of commercially available worship albums and materials are pop-rock oriented. It’s like the Christian recording industry is stuck in the 1990s. So I am always on the hunt for new resources.



    hey welcome to GodsDJs and thanks for sharing all of that!

    you are certainly in the right place and it sounds like you have a good start. a lot of us here have done dj led worship before and actually we have North Americas largest C-EDM worship service about to take place here in Detroit in 7 weeks. (http://reform.godsdjs.com) If you can make it out it would be a great chance for you to see how we do it and a great chance to network with others!

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    Hey bro! The International House of Prayer in Kansas City does a lot of loops, EDM synths and live stuff of that sort. YOu can check them out and even look for some of their artists on line and ask them some questions about it. Go to IHOP.org,

    Just a quick note, does your church have an in-ear monitoring system? If so, a click track will really help with the pre recorded loops and such. It will keep the band in tuned with the loop controller.

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    it sounds like a program like ableton live would really help you out. It automatically synchronizes loops to the project tempo, which helps for making stuff on the fly. Using already sampled material would help out a lot. For example, having a precomposed drum beat close to a worship style tempo, consisting of different loops for verse1, chorus, verse2, bridge, etc. Then you can just click what you need, when you need it. It also depends on what style of electronica that you are trying to make. For a regular dance beat like trance or house, it needs different drums than other genres like drum and bass or dubstep.

    I would say a genre like trip hop or downtempo would be easier to pull off for live stuff than something like elecro house. If you don’t recognize these terms, it will take a little while to get to know what they are.

    This style would probably be easy to do live:
    a real drummer with the right sounding drums would be ok for this as well.

    or something like this:

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    you might check out info on luvepa, which is live electronica that is made on the fly. Here are some videos and a resource.





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