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    Hey guys, kinda a cool stat I just came up with. Right now based on our average max concurrent listeners stats (about 25-50 ppl) we are ranked somewhere between 80th – 90th largest EDM station…


    (and of course #1 largest Christian EDM station as well)

    Now that may not seem high but considering there are like 5 thousand or more EDM stations listed in shoutcast / icecast / live365 directories thats not to bad!

    Now, bear in mind the top 10 stations have several thousand listeners on at once but also bear in mind that most of them (like DI.FM) have been around for over 10 years and in just one year we have climbed up inside the top 100!

    The way I came to this was by going to the shoutcast / icecast official server listening and scrolling down the list until the current listeners count was the same as our (or close) and counted the stations above us. I know its not exact but I’d say its reasonably close!

    Another cool stat (that most people don’t know) is that on average we are getting 500-600 people tuning in EVERY DAY to the stream! For example I just pulled the stats for yesterday and we had 594 people tune in from 56 different countries with an average session length of 16 minuets.

    Awesome job to everyone who works hard on making this station a success and a special thanks to Gary for all of the time and effort put in directing the programming!

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    cool beans!

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    This is awesome.Keep up the Great work guys (:

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    Dj Genesis


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